I found this story in the adoption.com news site, and it seems a little out of character, given the anti-adoption sentiment that seems to be coming from some in Russia lately. Has anyone heard anything about this?
180,000 RUSSIAN ORPHANS ON WEB Jun 3 2005
Bid to find homes for kids
By Mark Ellis
RUSSIA has put 180,000 children up for adoption on the internet.
A government website offers would-be parents the chance to choose the sex, hair colour and eye colour of their child.
The site will encourage foreign couples to adopt. An English language version is to be launched in the next few days, with German, Spanish and Italian to follow Russia is struggling to cope with 800,000 orphaned or abandoned kids. Education minister Andrei Fursenko said of the website: 'We intend to help the children find families that will love them.'
The site has details of 180,000 youngsters. Each child's profile is accompanied by a photo and a description of his or her personality, such as 'sociable' or 'lively'.
A search of the site for blue-eyed boys with blond hair born in 2002 yielded 263 returns.
The site has a section for disabled kids and a gallery of drawings by the children.
One girl painted a scene with flowers and birds and added the message: 'For my new mummy and daddy.'
The site says adoptions can be completed online.All clients have to do is hand over documents to Russian consulates.
Would-be parents will be asked to prove that they are healthy, have no criminal record and earn enough to raise a child. They only have to go to Russia once - to collect their youngster.
The numbers of children abandoned in Russia have soared since the collapse of communism. The state-run orphanage system does not have the cash to cope.
Of about 24,770 children adopted last year, 38 per cent were taken by foreigners. Only five per cent of those who went overseas came to Britain.
The UK Government said overseas adoptions were strictly controlled.
A spokesman said: 'It is a popular misconception that it's easy to adopt from abroad. It is probably more difficult than adopting in the UK.
'It is a very strict and lengthy process. Adoption is only allowed if it is in the child's best interests and we work closely with the Russian authorities
Hmmm. Kaitlin is on there, too. Much younger, but it's for sure her. They have her eye color listed wrong, though. Wondering what to do. I'm afraid to contact anyone, but I'm tempted to contact the number listed to ask for information about her just to see if she's listed as already adopted...
In talking with my dh about this after my last post, he pointed out that from the number of kids in orphanages versus what are available, it would make sense that only 17 in the region would be available. He calculated that if say 1-2% were actually adoptable, it would mean around 3,000 (on the low side) to be in orphanages in the region. Whew. No wonder referrals come so slow.
go to the FRUA site.
click on chat.
scroll down and click on "enter chat board".
click on search.
search by keyword "New Russian Adoption Site".
scroll down and click "perform search".
the first entry on this page gives the russian site address and an address for a translation page (very user friendly)
If you need help with this...
You can PM me and I will help you.
This site is to promote adoptions with in Russia. But it is still nice to find an early picture of your child.
Do they put their correct names on the the photolisting? I did find one that looks like my guy, but his name was Andrey and they have a different name listed. Everything else matched.
Vicki H
Do they put their correct names on the the photolisting? I did find one that looks like my guy, but his name was Andrey and they have a different name listed. Everything else matched.
Vicki, they had Alene for Kaitlin, and that wasn't her name. I think it's either a nickname used at the orphanage, or what the translator program used as a translation for her real name. If it looks like Alex, I'm sure it probably is. :) I knew in an instant it was Kaitlin, and am so happy to have an earlier photo of her.
Thanks Kim,
I don't remember what they had him listed as, but it does look like a very young version of him.
If you want instructions for the website, PM me.
Regarding the names - you need to look at the version in Russian and compare that to the Russian version of your paperwork.
When you translate the site to English - it translates names too - for instance - it might translate Ivan to John or Zhanna to Jeanne.
There are some errors on the site as well - just like any database.
Can someone PM the web address to please
I don't know if you realize that this thread is from 2005 and Russia is not allowing adoptions now.
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