I am re-doing a bedroom in our home possibly for an ADHD boy. Are there any colors that are "best" for calming?? I'm sure there's someone out there who knows something about this?
I've read some stuff on color psychology and recall that blues or colors with blue tones are calming. Reds and oranges are stimulating. In back of mind I know there are some websites which address this but at moment can't recall. Will try to remember and let you know.
Colors are wonderful for changing your mood, and scents are the same. Soft blues, and greens are excellent for a peaceful environment. Lavender is as well, but since its for a boy, that won't do. My friend has an ADHD son, and painted the room a soft sage green, and it has helped alot, especially with nightime problems. The scent of vanilla and lavender and chamomille is also soothing. Maybe putting a candle scented with one of these for a bit in his room before sleep would help. or scented linen spray. I use aromatherapy extensively in my home, and it can sure change the mood. Best of luck and Blessings.
J&J has a "fussy baby" formulation lotion that works great... I slather some on and it knocks hubby out too!
I vote for the green! I have used it successfully for years.
There have been studies that show that green rates very high on the peaceful flow charts. Something to do with 'getting back to nature' sort of thing.
Blues were rated very calming too - in fact, in some religions, buring a blue candle promotes calm, peaceful feelings, good for healing.
I have also been very successful with Lavender essesical oil. My sister in law is into a few things, and she sells the Young Living oils.
She touted for months how the lavender oil could do most anything. (at the time, I was liking it to those old time brown bottle cure all tonics pushed around by traveling sales men!)
Anyway, to get her off my back, I decided to try it on my two foster sons (4 and 2 - the 2 being in the FAS spectrum). I figure if it could calm those boys down after visitation with Mommy Dearest, then I would by a case!
Well, I am here to tell you, I was more than mildly surprised when it worked! After they got home, I had them rub a few drops on their hands and breathe deeply. I even ran a few drops on my finger tips, and rubbed some on the backs of their necks and ears.
They loved it - and actually put in a good night after visitation --- a first in this house for the past 19 months!
Now, it is a ritual. After visitation, they come home, we spend a little time 'destressing' (doing mindless things and talking only if they want to). We call it an early pj night and they look forward to their lavender and their neck and ears being rubbed!
By the way, lavender oil is great for diaper rash, minor cuts, and bruises! It is like gone in the matter of a day or so! I would have never believed it until I tried it for myself!
Good Luck!
I vote for a soft blue or green. When we bought our house and were painting before moving in, I was in a tough spot--my girls share a room, and one was hyper and I wanted a calming, quieting color for her, but dd #2 was so extremely quiet and sedate I thought a calm color might send her into a coma ;)
I ended up going with very bright and energetic colors, trying to charge up the energy level of #2. That was 3 years ago, and she is much more noisy and lively these days--whether the colors helped or not, I can't say.
Big (hyper) sis often remarks she wishes the room was painted the same purplish light blue that my room is--she loves to read and relax in my room, so when we repaint this year, I am going to honor her wish. I'll have to wait and see if #2 goes back to her still and silent self :)
I agree with the others. I've heard that soft blue and green also help and I've used lavender scent/oils to calm and soothe others in the past.
I hadn't heard about lavender being a scent etc that could calm and relax until I was married to my ex who had a temper, was abusive and my mom suggested it to see if it would help - it helped some, but not enough - thus he is my ex lol.
Anyway, I would also say soft blue or green and see about using lavender scents to see if they help calm and soothe.
Good Luck
Anne :)
As an ADD adult, blue has helped me. Green is great too, but I'm not a big fan so I stick to blue. Try to avoid reds, oranges, etc. There is a room in my house that is painted that Winnie the Pooh orange (it was painted this way when we bought it) and I can't stand to be in it. After a few minutes, the color is just too overstimulating.
There are a lot of websites and books about this type of thing. Bless you for thinking about this for your son.
I just did a quick research on this topic. Several articles suggested muted tones of blues, greens, or beiges.