Corporal Punishment & Court
We're preparing for trip 2. In anticipation of court, I would appreciate any comments on how to address "corporal punishment" should it come up.

In our case, our home study states that we would consider "giving a swat on the behind" for a child over the age of 3 in a situation where nothing else had proven effective AND the child's life were in danger.

Our home study was drafted almost a year ago. With the recent happenings, I am regretting we included that language.

My question is not about commenting on spanking as a form of discipline. Rather, I am curious if anyone mentioned some form of spanking in their home study and was asked about it in court. Any suggestions on how to handle this delicate issue are greatly appreciated!
in my homestudy i had to sign that i would not use corporal punishment to satisfy indiana. nothing mentioned in court.
I would talk to my agency about that. My homestudy wouldn't have been approved with any talk of corporal punishment. Sounds like it was couched as a measure of last resorts though.
We were asked what form of discipline we planned to use and we said the time out method which matched what was in our homestudy, we were also told that corporal punishment should not be a part of the homestudy.
Best wishes!
Thanks for the responses. I spoke with my agency and feel prepared to answer should this issue come up in court.
I don't know if we would have gone through the process if we would have had to swear that we wouldn't use corporal punishment as a form of discipline. I guess some states are determined to restrict parents ability to raise their children. It sure seems to cross the line when the state instructs a free citizen how to train their child. Anyway, I am glad that this was not an issue with our home study. We had enough challenges than to have to deal with this.

We stated that the type of discipline we would use would depend on the personality of the child (what worked best for them) and the circumstances surrounding the event. We also said we would consider using corporal punishment as a last resort. We had no problems. Of course, this was before the Pavlis case, but I don't think Russians are as opposed to a swat on the behind, or as likely to want to regulate how someone parents, as Americans are.

Just my experience.
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