There were a few "Infant Of"s listed on that date and county, they list the bc#'s. What was your mothers first name.
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I pulled a form off of the Bureau of Vital Statistics(BVS) website and filled it out and sent it to Austin.
(Texas Department of Health Central Adoption Registry) along with 30 bucks. It took them about 3/4 weeks to get back with me via snail mail. But they did give me the name of the adoption agency that handled my brother's adoption. This was enough to get me started.
Good lock with your search.
ISO BBrother (possible found!)
Are these BC# and names for Texas counties online?
Or "infant of" for the mid 60s online?
I know mothers and fathers names, but not sure about the birth date. Since my mother was married at the time of my siblings birth, I"m hoping it may be listed.
Thanks a mil,
Just an FYI in the computerized indexes most women are listed by maiden name which can help if you dont know the married name.