How Long Does Interstate Compact Take?
How long before the interstate compact is completed? Also, does child have to wait for interstate compact to be completed before placement can occur?
bange, it really varies state to state. We've had two different placements that came from two different states. What happens is all paperwork has to go from the local office where the kids are currently, to their state office, to your state office and finally to your local office. Back and forth until everything is hammered out. Along the way, each office has to approve what's going on, before they pass it on. Therefore, the length of time depends on how quickly each office can get your documents turned over. We worked with one state where it all went relatively fast and another where it all seems to be inching along. Patience is key... <sigh>

Before placement will take place, a request for your homestudy will be sent out, along with some other paperwork for your local CWer to fill out. Then your local office gets to reverse the process to send it all back. In both of our situations, we signed the placement contract when we went and picked the children up. When that contract gets signed might vary depending on your particular situation, but it has to be done before you can transfer the child to your home.

Hope this helps!
How long before someone is chosen?
We're waiting on the child's social worker to select a family. I know each case is different but any ideas on how long this could take? We've put in for a sibling group in another state and it's been over 2 weeks since they "are reviewing homestudies".... and we haven't heard anything. We've been asked about another possible placement but I would like to wait to see what happens with this first set. Could this be weeks or months that we're talking about?
We submitted our homestudy June 25th and were chosen Aug 4th. (Keep in touch with that social worker so she will not forget your family!)
Still waiting....
Thanks for the headsup on keeping in touch with the social worker. I emailed her last week and she confirmed this week that they are still in the process of reviewing home studies. It's only been 3.5 weeks so I'm sure it will be a couple more weeks before we hear something but the waiting and not knowing is so difficult. Argh.....! Also, do they usually contact you directly if you are choosen or does that usually go through your social worker? Just curious.
I don't know what is "Typical" but I do know what happened in our situation. Our homestudy was done through a private agency intended for International Adoption. We, personally sent our our homestudy domestically... our social worker was aware and also made contacts for us.

We were contacted directly by the child's social worker. She told us they had narrowed the families down to 5 and we were No. 1 on the list. If you have direct contact with the social worker then I would keep that personal contact and I feel sure that will be how you are contacted.

Good Luck!
how likely?
My husband and I are interested in a sibling group of 4 from another state. We are not yet even started with our homestudy or classes. We hope to begin the classes in Oct. Do we have any shot at these kids? I don't want to get my hopes up if we have absolutely no chance. I know they recently became legally free for adoption, so they haven't been on for long. The children are Hispanic and DH is also. Would this be a helpful factor in the decision? I know there is a possibility they will be adopted by another family and I pray for that family and the kids. But if we had a shot, I would love to bring them home! Just trying to keep myself grounded.
:confused: :confused: Shannon
Your homestudy is really the key to being considered for any child. The sooner you can get that completed then the better situation you will be in.

To your advantage may be that you are interested in a sibling group of 4. Four children may take longer to match with a family... but in all reality - you need that homestudy. Those with homestudies are already submitting them if they are interested in this group of kids. Some social workers accept a certain number of homestudies then stop accepting them. Some keep accepting til they find the perfect family.

Another suggestion might be to create a web page about your family, your hometown, the schools in your area, your house, why you want multiple children, how the children would benefit being in your family.. etc. Then at least if you could send the link to your web page and tell them when you expect your homestudy to be completed. This way it at least puts your faces and facts about your family in front of the social worker. (an easy web page creater [url=""][/url])

Good luck and you're in our prayers.
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