If You Are Looking For Siblings Please Post Here!!!!
Thought it might aid in someones search if there was a thread for siblings searching!
This thread is a good idea! I am looking for Biological sister born in VA, Norfolk. Mother went to unwed mothers home and named baby girl at birth, started with a "D". She was adopted through Chesapeake Dept. of social services. Mother was from Chesapeake area. If any of this sounds familiar please contact me. Year of birth: 1967-68. Jennie aka doughton
Thanks and good luck in your search. I have found that many mothers from an era do not actively search for various reasons but have made mention of their placed children to their other children or other family members. I am currently searching for a birth cousin (I know birth mother and father and half siblings names) and aiding a friend in the quest of her birth family. Without a name of either mother or father it is much like searching for a needle in a haystack! Thus the ideal of this thread was created.

My paternal male cousin was born May 24, 1962 in Hayti, Missouri. Possibly placed in Illinois, the Chicago area. His birth mother's name is Elain M. Strock or Strack. She had 2 older sons, Ricky and Garry Steigman.The birth father, my uncle, is Thelbert (Peck) Cole. He has 2 younger children.

My female friend was born in St Louis, MO on August 4, 1963 at Bethseda Hospital. She was placed at the Children's home Society and the adoption was finalized within the City of St. Louis. She grew up in rural Missouri.
Looking for adopted brother
southemissouri said...
Thought it might aid in someones search if there was a thread for siblings searching!
Looking for our brother, born November 1967 in Southern New Jersey, believed to have been adopted by family in New York, born Michael Lamont Jones, mothers name Lynnette Jones, father, Theodore Muse, you have 2 siblings, (brothers) longing to meet you
Looking for Timothy Burnnet
Hey all...I decided it's about time I restarted my search for my Biological Brother.
Timothy Burnnet was born in June of 1957 to Shirley and Melbourne Burnnet. Mel was in the Navy..posted to the naval yard in Bremerton, Washington. In June of 1958 I was born..but it looks like mom and dad were divorced by then.

If anyone has any information about any of the above people please reply.

Marlaine (aka Kathy Burnnet)
Looking for birth sister named Lynn, born on 11.4.59 in Jersey City, NJ.
I'm looking for my birth sister. At birth her name was Terry. She was born in either 1974 or early 1975 in upstate New York and placed for adoption in Galion, Ohio in late 1976. Birth mother's name was Prema Dizenberger (Moleski) and birth father's name is Joseph Moleski.
Looking for brother

I'm looking for my brother Nolan Morgan, born 8/5/82 in Grand Junction, Colorado. We lived in Delta, Colorado for a while. I'm using my new found birth aunts address. If anyone knows anything about Nolan please let me know.
looking for my brothers
iam looking for my brothers james franklin chapman born 04-03-1960 in catawba county nc.jimmy wayne chapman born 65 or 66 unsure of the state on jimmy.they were left in beaumont tx in 1970.found out that texas department of family and protective services handled the adoption.they were adopted into the same family but at different times.james franklin (franky) chapman birthcertificate was pulled 6-27-73 in catawba county nc.
Looking for a brother my mom gave up in April between 1969 and 1971. He was born in Santa Fe, NM. That is all I know.
ISO 8 Half Sibilngs
Great idea ,, looking for my husband's eight half sibings , two on his b fathers side both sons born about 1968 and 1970, six on his b mom's side 4 sons 2 daughters born between approximatley 1968-1975(give or take a year),,,please read link for more information ... by the way , of the six children his b mom had after him , she herself has adopted some of them in ( not out like some have thought) ,,,, Good Luck to all searching


Shade Smile
Looking for Casey Rae
I am looking for my bdaughter. She was born in 1988 Delaware. She was sent to a couple in Arkansas with another adopted daughter. Her bfather and I would like to find her.

Angela Moore
Girl born April 6, 1966 Cumberland County, Fayetteville NC.
Am looking for my 5 other siblings and my birth parents. German-Irish decent. B-mother was 26 years old when I was born. B-Father was in the military. They were married in 1955. Grandfather worked for the railroad. B-mother was from Pa, B-father was from Ky. Believes b-father now is in Fl.
Hi Teresa . . is Kornmille your birth name?
Also, have you tried to contact your birth father in Florida?
I happen to know where my siblings are.....but I made a promise to my birthmother not to contact them. I thought I would post here, just in case they find out some other way, and start looking for me! Wink At this point, they have no idea I exist.....but secrets of this nature rarely stay secrets forever, and if, by chance, they ever decide to search, they might come across this!

Maternal Sister -- Debbie Carter
Maternal Brother -- Aaron Gray
Maternal Brother -- Calvin Gray

I also know where my paternal sister, and am working on contacting her. Our father passed away many years ago, and I'm sure she has no clue I exist, either......

Paternal Sister -- Roxanne Shaw Dupree.

Great thread!!
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