Has anyone out there adopted from Tula, Russia?
We adopted our sons back in 2001 from the Tula Region. It would be great to hear of others who have adopted from Tula and your stories.
We adopted from Tula.
We received our referral last October, traveled for trip 1 in late december 2004, then were able to pick our son up in mid-June of this year.
Our DS was in the older, Tula Region orphanage which seemed to house about 100 children from birth to 4-5 years old. From what we can see in our DS, they worked with those children a lot. He adores music, especially classical, can use a crayon correctly, can throw and catch and kick well, etc. (we picked him up just after he turned 2). Although, there were one or two workers at the orphanage that he seemed to be afraid of. He would look distressed if he caught a glimpse.
We enjoyed being close to Moscow, but we also enjoyed getting to see a little of Russia outside of Moscow. We were advised not to overnight in Tula, so we drove down when we needed to. I don't think it was for any other reason, than the fact that our agency's staff was located in Moscow, and if we needed them, they wanted to be close. The only bad thing about being 3 or so hours outside Moscow, was that our DS was car sick the entire ride from the orphanage to the hotel in Moscow. Now that was one long ride :eek:
Apparently, there are not many of us Tula families on this board. Thanks for posting.
One more thing, just in case you haven't read my recent Tula Cake post, I am looking for a Tula cake recipe.
Were you able to try them? I'd love to have the recipe if you have it.
We are waiting for trip 2 to Tula. We had trip one in July.
Our referral turned one last week. He is in the new Tula Home for Babies. It is really nice, and right downtown near a park. The caretakers there were pleasant and our referral seemed to be a happy baby.
We stayed in Tula overnight for 5 nights. It's a great bargain. Your money goes a long way (a diet coke is the equivilent of 30 cents). We stayed at Yasnaya Polyana, which is part of Leo Tolstoy's old estate. It was very nice , but no one spoke English at all. We had as uite and it was about $45 a night. Moscow is so much more expensive.
Tula is very industrial. It's not he prettiest place I've ever traveled to. It's got a few beautiful churches and lots of monuments. It's poor, but it does have restaurants (we ate some great pizza ) , some shopping, and all the other things you expect of a medium sized city (500,000 people).
Hope it helps.
Wow... It is so good to hear others have adopted from the Tula Region.
When we went back in the spring of 2001, we stayed in an apartment of a young couple in Tula. They had another apartment set up for couples who adopt. The gentleman worked as a liason with one of the Doctors whom helps organize a lot of the adoptions overseas with adoption agencies. His wife cooked us our meals, which was really neat, and she was so sweet. He drove us around and helped translate for us.
The Baby Home where our sons are from is located in the subburb of Tula- Novomoskoskh?(not sure of the spelling). There were about 60 children there from birth thru the age of 5.
Yes- Moscow is a lot more expensive. It is comparable to NYC. When we took our 2nd trip we asked to have another person give us a tour of Red Square before leaving so we could video tape it and take pictures for our sons albums if we had time. And we did. Now- and currently speaking, weekly/daily; we look at the tapes and albums and talk about Russia. The boys are fascinated by it all and just love looking at themselves and asking questions. They feel so loved and special and get so giddy. :)
Have never seen the Tula Cake Recipie. Check and see if or have it on their web sites. It is worth a try at least.
It is so great to hear from you both~ Hope to hear from you again. Take care...
Enjoy your 2nd trip Laura~ Take lots and lots of pictures. :)
My friend adopted a baby boy around l999 from an orphanage in Tula, Russia. we are trying to find biological family.
she doesnt remember receiving much documentation on the child. Do they keep any info on the children, she seems to think they throw out all information after adoption and his surname was given to baby by them.
Can anyone help.