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We would like to contact the person who used IAG but I apologize we have never used a forum like this so we are not sure how to "PM" this person. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Everyone I have tried to PM has a full mailbox. So...I am considering adopting from somewhere in Africa. Would anyone with experience with Agency's doing adoptions from there please PM me the good and bad information from their experiences.
Thanks so much!!
We would like information on Children's House International. We would like to use them because they work in Poland, Ethiopia and Bulgaria. We are going with Poland for now, but if things change in Ethiopia before our home study is done, we will change. We will also be looking at the waiting children from Bulgaria. Children's House is the only agency working in those 3 countries, I believe. Please PM me.
We are looking into adopting a special needs child through AAI, could you please tell me your experience with this agency?
Hi Everyone, I would dearly love to hear from anyone that is currently using any adoption agency for Ethiopia. I am older (46) and hubby even older (53) and to get some recommendations from someone here would be so great. I am not being lazy...........I have researched and researched but positive feedbacks seem to be based on adoptions that have taken place a few years ago and I am aware that countries etc are always changing and as a result may not be pertinent to todays status.
Any advice would be so appreciated. Best regards, MissT