Does anyone have any experience and/or knowledge of an adoption attorney Stanley Michelson in New York City? He handled my adoption in 1976, but I'm not sure if everything went through the proper legal channels. My father told me that he was brought up on charges in the 1980s, but that they were all dropped. I was born in Tennessee, but the post-adoption agency down there does not have any record of my adoption. I'm not sure how to procede. Any advice, comments, etc. would be greatly appreciated.
I am a birth mother. Stanley Michelman was the Attorney for the adoptive parents in my case. I don't know of any problems concerning him. However, if you come across some info I may be interested in please let me know. My adopted child will be 18 in a year and I would like to begin searching then. Thank you in advance for any help you may have to offer.
Please remember that any discussion of adoption professionals must be done ONLY via PM. Please feel free to PM the original poster with your comments, whether positive or negative.
Thank you.
Stan Michelman is no longer an adoption professional. We've discussed him for years on this site.
Thanks everyone for clearing that all up. If anyone wants to know my interactions with Stanley Michelman, feel free to PM me. He was very active in the adoption scene in the late 70's and 80's, especially on the East Coast, so lots of people have connections to him.
Hi everyone,
My name is Evelyn Demerath and I have had a lot of expirience with Stanley Michelman. I found out when I was 17 yrs old that I had been adopted by the woman I thought was my mom. For the last 3 years I have searched in vain for my real mother and about a month ago I was reunited with her. EDITED TO REMOVE DISCUSSION OF ADOPTION PROFESSIONAL. If any of you need help finding your parents I would love to try and help you. Please don't hesitate to contact me. I can't even begin to tell any of you how wonderful it has been to be reunited with my mom. Good luck to all and I will help in any way I possibly can.
Hi, I forwarded your note to a friend. I believe she has been adopted by this dr. too.
I am an adoptee whose case was handled my Stanley Michelman also. My birthdate is 4/9/1976 and I am an indentical twin. We were born in Port Jefferson, NY. My brother and I are searching for our birthmother.
I was adopted in 1985 through Stanley michelman apparently my adoptive parents were supposed to get a different baby but they backed out at the last minute and than a few days later I guess I was SOLD to my parents. Anybody have any idea how I could find my birth parent? I did ancestry DNA and got the results today, so I have been searching literally all day since I got them.
Searching for bio sister. Born Kelly Marie in May 1986 in Alb, NM then adoption was held in San Antonio (i think) TX. Michaleman handled the adoption. Please contact directly with any information -
Thank you!