Has anyone received their birth certificate in NH yet? What kind of documentation was required?
As a Birth Mother... How do I go about making sure my son will know that I want him to be able to find me?
Any information will be appreciated- please email or post
I beleive that you should contact NH Vital Records. They should be able to answer all of your questions regarding the new law.
Good luck to you!
Go to [url=""][/url]. Click on pre-adoption record news. At the bottom of this page are forms you can download. You want the Contact Preference Form.
It was super easy. You fill out the form, photocopy your ID and send in a fee and I had my birthmothers adoption records in about 4 working days. It was that easy as the daughter of an adoptee.
I also was able to obtain my original, pre-adoption birth certificate in New Hampshire. However, it took a year of submitting and re-submitting; they kept losing my paperwork/saying they didn't receive it. On the last try I called, got a contact, and mailed the materials to her directly with a cover letter detailing exactly what I was looking for and how long it had taken! From that point, I got the birth certificate the same week.
Here is the website:
You have to submit the completed application with the description of "adoptee seeking pre-adoption birth records." Along with the application, send a self addressed stamped envelope, a photocopy of your state-issued ID, and a check made out to "Treasurer-State of New Hampshire" for $12.
I don't think bmothers have the same accessibility. A bmother can complete a contact preference and medical history form which would expedite contact if the adoptee requests the certificate, but otherwise I do not believe information is easily accessible.