Because we have many members who frequent this area, many people who come and go and many people who come seeking advice on the subject, I thought we could have a "Roll Call" in this forum; a "Who's Who" if you will. ;)
Please feel free to share whatever pertinent information you think would be useful to those who frequent this forum (to keep stories straight) or to those who are new and want possibly find someone to discuss a specific portion of open adoption via PM/etc.
You do not have to participate in this thread. I just thought it would be a good way for us to communicate and potentially help other members down the road. Do not feel obligated! Share as little or as much as you want. No hard or steadfast rules. :)
Hello. This is my first time posting. My name is Stephanie. My situation is a bit different than others, I am sure you will learn that along the way of my postings. I will be in an open adoption with my friends who have my baby girl. I hope that they will remain my friends for life! My daughter was born on Sept. 22nd, 2009. I have not seen her except through pictures since Sept. 24th. Keep an eye out for my posts and my story. I really need to share it with people who are in my position and know how I feel! Thanks!
i'm a 28 year old birthmom of 3 adopted by relatives i'm just here to find a post adoption support group for birthmoms. this time of year is really difficult for me
It is a hard time for many of us. Do you see your children? Are they being raised together? How old are they?
I am a birthmom in an open adoption. My son is 25.
my kids live over 1500 miles away, they are all together, I haven't seen them in over 2 years, birthdays coming up, youngest will be 5, middle will be 8, and the oldest will be 9, I am upset because I can't afford christmas gift or birthday gifts this year, but mostly I am hurting because I don't know how they are doing, finding out has been difficult, no one ever answers the phone and when I email asking the questions I have or even just asking when the best time to call is I sometimes get a reply but the questions I have remain unanswered. I know it is up to the adoptive parents to decide what is best for the children and if they decide it is not a good time for me to talk or see the kids that is ok I would still like to know what is going on once in a while. I'm trying to figure out if I should just give up trying to find out how they are.
Not Just a Dream,
I can't imagine how hard it is, especially this time of year. I, too, would love to find a support group for birthmom. However, for my daughter, not myself. I guess she should count her blessings, she gets regular visit with her 4 yr old daughter. Officially, only 2 per yr, but was given 3 last yr and hoping for more as time goes on.
The Holidays are more difficult for her, too. Would love to know if anyone knows of a support group out there.:wings:
I Have A Grandaughter Who Will Be 2 In July Its Ment To Be Open In The Way Of Twice Yearly Letters From The Adopters But As Yet Nothing Recieved Wish I Knew Why When I Was Told They Very Much Wanted Contact With Us My Little Princess's Birth Family
I'm pregnant, in my 3rd trimester, and considering an open adoption with a lovely family. I'm studying and learning as much as I can about adoption before jumping into it for several reasons: 1. The more knowledge I have beforehand, the fewer doubts and questions I'll have after. 2. To make it a positive experience and build warm relationships for all involved.
Thanks to anyone who reads & helps me along the way.
I am a birthmother to a birthson who went through the system to being adopted by my father and stepmother so even though it is classified by the state of Florida as a "closed" adoption, it is in reality an "open" adoption situation because, when the adoption went through my father told me "the paperwork says that you are not to have contact with your son but, were I to follow through with that, I would lose contact with my first born daughter so you will still have contact with your son." My son is now 23 years old and I still have contact with him, his wife, daughter and son (through Facebook mainly) and we have a relatively good relationship now. I am also the birthmother to a birthdaughter who went through a closed adoption but I have a relatively good amount of information on where she has gone to school since adoption as well as her current name and am hoping that she might start looking for her birthfamily soon - she had a firm grasp of my name and the names of all people close to me at the time of her adoption because she was almost 7 years old at the time of her adoption. Sadly, both of my children's birthfathers have died - my son contacted me a couple of years ago online looking for info regarding his father and I told him that, according to information I had from that his father had probably died (I gleaned this from the fact that he had a lot of arrests due to public intoxication/DUI for a number of years which suddenly stopped a couple of years before birthson contacted me to ask about him). My birthdaughter's father died on December 11, 2001 which was a matter of months after she got adopted and I passed that info on to the state CPS people to pass on to her should she ever ask about him (I had this info because a cop from the state he was living in at the time of his death called me asking if I was related to him presumably to ask me to pay for his burial so I told him that I was never married to him but had a minor daughter by him who had just been adopted out and informed the cop about my birthdaughter's adult halfsiblings by her father).
Hi There,
We're an adoptive family of 3 hoping for 1 more in 2011.
Laura, Oliver & Nathan from a lake in Wisconsin
08-09 Finalized Adoption home study
07-10 Adopted 18 month old son ;)
07-11 Waiting for 2nd open adoption placement
Leearn more about us: [url=]Hoping to adopt again! - Homepage[/url]
I know this is a fairly old thread but I just wanted to say hi, I am a "new" birthmom, in an open adoption, with a great couple. Little man is almost 4 months old, so this is all still new to me, but I am hopefully learning fairly quickly. :-)
I am looking for my paternal niece Sabrina Morin. She turned 18 on January 13th and was adopted in Worcester, Massachusetts supposenably by a doctor and a nurse. An open adoption is the only way my brother would agree to adoption as he loves and wants his daughter.
Sabrina was already subjected to so much pain, deceit, and horror caused by her birth mother that my brother couldn't stand to even hurt her in the least by having her be scared meeting with him once a month because that's all the state would allow. So he signed for open adoption as his heart was heavy and sunk but now it's time to find her and let her know how much she is loved and missed!
Here are a couple lines from a couple stories from the news paper The Worcester Telegram & Gazette;
Published on June 4, 1994, Article 4 of 6 found.
WORCESTER - A 12-year-old girl helped a young mother and her 4 1/2-month-old daughter from a shallow brook earlier this week, then performed CPR on the baby, who had suffered a fractured skull and wasn't breathing.
The girl, Rachael A. Stoliker, said in an interview at her home yesterday that she was somewhat frightened by all that had happened Wednesday at Poor Farm Brook near the Great Brook Valley housing development, but knew she had to do something or the infant would (Worcester Telegram & Gazette (MA), 782 words.) Read the complete article ($1.95 per story)
Published on June 3, 1994, Article 5 of 6 found.
WORCESTER - A young mother has changed her story to police about how her 4 1/2-month-old baby ended up in Poor Farm Brook on Wednesday afternoon.
The infant, Sabrina Morin, was taken to University of Massachusetts Hospital where she was reported in serious condition with injuries a hospital spokesman declined to identify. The spokesman said yesterday that the baby's family had requested no additional information about her condition be released.
Police Lt. John J. (Worcester Telegram & Gazette (MA), 332 words.) Read the complete article ($1.95 per story)
Published on June 2, 1994, Article 6 of 6 found.
Please help us find our family! Sabrina, you are still your daddies first Princess! We love and miss you!:cheer:
I am a 26 year old mother to 3 and birth mother of 1. I put my amazing baby girl up for open adoption 7 years ago. She now lives in Utah with the best family a mother could ever give her daugher. We talk all the time pictures all the time and visits every now and agian. Would love to see them more but i am in Indiana and with both of us haveing 3 kids makes it hard to get to each other as much as we would both like. Love everything about the experance I have been thougt and truely feel like as a mother I made the best choice for my childs life. She will always have 2 mothers that love her and each other till the end!!!!!!! I am truely blessed!!!!!! As is she.
My name is Robin Broun and I am a birth mother. My son was born on March 13, 1985 at Deaconess Hospital in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I lived at the Deaconess Maternity Home/Home For Unwed Mothers from November 1984 to late March 1985. Would very much like to find my son, but I can not do anything that requires payment.
Hi I'm Danielle. Birthmom. I have 2 daughters. They have the same father. My oldest is 6, she has been adopted by my ex husbands dad and step-mom. They refuse me any contact. My youngest is 3 and she has been adopted by the foster family that cared for her when she was removed from my care.
Hi. I placed my son for adoption in 1990, an open adoption. I received yearly updates until he was 10, then didn't receive anything until he turned 18, when I found out his amom had committed suicide, which is why updates ceased. At the time I wasn't angry I didn't get updates, sad yes, but not angry: they were a busy family with two young boys (they had another adopted son 4 years older), but I was shocked when I found out later why updates had stopped.
But, I quickly came to see, and feel, that my son was healthy, happy, kind and gentle! Despite a great loss, he had thrived. His adad is a shining example of what a human being should be, and I continue to be so happy I chose him!
So, for the next 5 years, I slowly started developing a relationship with my son - texts, phone calls, facebook, and a single meeting. It was a beautiful thing - I was so lucky.
Then, he passed away this past July from natural causes. My journey here is to help me process through the loss of my son, again. Thanks for being here.