Renewing Russian Passport
Has anyone had to renew their child's Russian passport? My son's is expired and if we are going to bring him to Russia when we adopt we will need to renew it.

Do you get the old one back? I would hate not to. I was thinking maybe of just sending a copy of the information page saying we can't locate it Wink .

Any other information in how to renew his Russian passport would be greatly appreciated. I just found out to renew his US passport it can't be done via mail, but in person since he is under 14 years old. Another half of day to take off from work. :mad:
I've wondered about this same thing as we would like to keep a current Russian passport for Grace in the future. I'm looking forward to hearing the answers!
After doing some research last night I found this.


I don't know how accurate it is since it has agency's that aren't accredited on their list.

My question now is since I adopted my son in 1999, do I have to register him before I can renew his Russian passport. We weren't required to register back in 1999. My husband will be calling up the consulate on Monday.
You may want to make sure this post gets seen on Tues (as the weekends can be slow). I have read that many people do not want their kids traveling on a Russian passport to Russia.
stephw3boys said...
I have read that many people do not want their kids traveling on a Russian passport to Russia.

This is not something to fool around with...Russia still considers our adopted kids Russian citizens and the consequences of ignoring that, albeit unknown, could be nasty. It really doesn't matter what "we" want in this respect and not registering and/or trying to travel improperly could jeopardize future adoptions for others. And who knows what might happen if a child were in-country without proper documentation...
We lost ours in the flood. Can they be replaced in this manner as well? I would be so relieved if it could...
If I am correct, The US will NOT issue a VISA for our Russian born children due to the fact that they are both citizens of Russia and the US. This was what were told at the Embassy appointment. The children would enter Russia on their Russian passport and enter the US on their US passport. It VERY important that if you decide to take your child to Russia that you would be able to prove his/her US citizenship.
MaddenMom. If you look at the link I posted there are directions on how to replace a lost Russian passport. Alot more items are needed, but it is possible. Sorry to hear that you lost it in the flood. I am sure you lost other items too that are not replacableUnhappy . My thoughts are with you.

Ztlady you are correct. I spoke with my agency and my son does have to travel to Russia on his Russian passport and enter the US on his US passport. A visa would not be issued to my son. Looking at my son US passport it would be impossible to get a visa to enter into Russia since place of birth says Russia. Just like on his NY birth certicate too.

I do plan on bringing a copies of his Russian birth certificate, NY birth certificate and US citizenship and adoption certificates (Russia and NY, we readopted in NY) along with both his passports (Russia & US). I know that is overkill, but I feel better to have then to not have.

Tomorrow I am going to call to see if I do need to register him since I wasn't required to do so back in 1999 or when I renew his passport he would be automatically registered and I would just have to pay both the fees. I am no issue doing this and if it was required back then I would have. Back in 1999 my son received a green card as an alien resident. We had to apply for citizenship for him and attend a swearing in ceremony. Things have changed alot since then and now.

I really am curious if I get his old passport back like I did when we renewed ours US passports. I am going to make copies of the pages just in case I don't Unhappy .
One question I have. I am not taking Alex back to Russia at this time, but what about traveling outside of the US to another country?
Since a US passport would list Russia as his place of birth, would he require two passports?
Sorry if I sound a bit naive here, I really didn't know the answer to this and we may travel out of the US in the next year.

We brought our son on a cruise, Caribbean, and we only had his US passport. No questions were asked. They just scanned his US passport.

I was told Russia is the only place my son would need his Russian passport, otherwise he will always travel on his US passport.
we just went on a Disney carribbean cruise...
and both of our boys used their US passports -- no questions, no problems!

Michelle is correct...anywhere but Russia...US Passport. Your child(ren) is(are) US Citizens. The difference with Russia is that they are also Russian citizens and travel there requires them to use that documentation in-country. Oh, there was a boo-boo in one post's the Russians that will not issue a visa on the child(ren)'s US passport.
In speaking with the Russian Consulate today, in order to renew a Russian passport your child must be registered. So any one who adopted prior to registration being mandatory needs to register their child to renew their passport.

So we will be making a trip to the Russian Consulate in NYC. We were told that we both need to appear in person with our son. I will wait until I have all my NY documents that need to be apostilled so I can do both the same day while in the city. What a fun day that will be going to the Russian Consulate and then to the NYS Department of State.

I guess I will work on renewing his US passport first. Unfortuantely that needs to be done in person too for a child who in under 14 and both parents need to be there.
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