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Looking for daughter born between 5 and 7:00 a.m. at this Salvation Army maternity home. Birth name was Pamela Jean, born to Patricia (age 16) and Dennis (age 17). Please email me at

Any of you girls who were there the same time, let me know how you are doing. If anyone can give me some information on how to go about searching, I'd appreciate it. I am just getting started.
Booth Memorial
I was there then. My son was born 9/20/67.
He found me somehow 2 years ago. If you want to know how, I will ask him who they contacted. Joy
any information
My husband is looking for his birth parents. He was born at this hospital on May 18,1966. He was born Darrell Worrell (sp?). Any information anyone has would be greatly appreciated.
Dear Joy:

I was there and gave birth to a son two days before you did!! I would really liek to talk with you. Please call me at 314-428-6428 or email at

Thank you!

I was born at Booth Memorial Hospital in St. Louis, Mo on March 10, 1968.. Female.. I would love find more information on my family including birth mother.. Does anyone know how to locate records from this hospital?? My e mail is

Any information would be really helpful.

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