I was adopted in 1966 from the Louise Wise agency. I've been lucky enough to find my birth mom 7 years ago and even luckier that my birth dad and siblings found me 2 years ago.
My adoptive parent's have been less than honest about my adoption and I've recently found out that they may have known a ton of info about my birth parents which they withheld from me. All they ever told me was that my birth mom was jewish. My birth mom gave the adoption agency all her info about her childhood, the circumstances of her relationship with my dad, where they were both from, ages, etc.
When I received my info after requesting it from the agency in my late 20's it came with all this info - no names obviously.
I can't ask my adoptive parent's what they did or did not know but... I need to know if they have been honest with me or not. It's hard enough dealing with the emotional issues of being adopted and then adding on the fact that your life with your adoptive family may have been nothing more than a lie.
Anyone know what the disclosure laws where back then? I know it's nearly impossible to find out for sure what they knew but I'm hopeful that someone may have an idea based on what the agency policy may have been. I tried the agency but I think they have closed. They were actually sued and found quilty by a family whose adoptive son suffered from severe mental illness and both his birth parent's did as well. Apparently the agency withheld the info from the family.
Thanks so much
good luck to everyone with their searches.
My husband is a male adoptee of LW, 1962. My understanding from the agency is the sealed adoption file states under NY State domestic law #114 and Social Services law #372, they may not be released without a court order.
First of all you are so lucky to have found your birth-family. I've been searching on and off for the past 13 years. Without meeting any birthfamily, I do know, my adoptive mother knew my "real nationality and religion". I don't know if Louise Wise advised our adoptive parents to keep these secrets or both our adoptive parents had the same idea!!! I was not 100% Jewish like my adoptive mother always said I was. In actuality I was only 25%. My adoptive mother knew my "birth" name and NEVER told me. I have no contact with my adoptive family since my adoptive mother died. So now I have no-one to ask. But I know, that I too, was lied to. Who is to blame? I do not know. Louise Wise did seperate twins, adopt out babies who were born with serious emotional defects as normal AND they changed birth dates. So on top of living a lie for so so many years there might be more I don't even know about. I feel for you because the truths that have come out about my own background has practically ruined my life and has ruined my marriage due to my horrible emotional state.
Wish me luck, maybe one day I'll be as lucky as you.
I was at Louise Wise in 1966 and may know your mother. I was reunited with my daughter 15 years ago. She was lied to also by her adoptive parents. Louise Wise was highly unethical and in those days everything was a lie.
Hi, I was adopted through louise wise agency and born in may 1966. My b mother was at lakeview home. Is thee a chance you knew her?
My birthmom was at Lakeview in 1963 prior to October....
She had Dyed Red Hair and Glasses.....I think that her name was Rhonda Holloway.....Does anyone out there remember such a person?
I am seeking Any Info. That can be provided....and or, a Photo of my birthmom.....Please!!!!
I was also adopted through Louise Wise in 1965 and my bm was at the home in Staten Island. Also, my AP said they didn't know anything except I was Jewish...but I later found out they did know her name. I believe that Spence Chapin Agency has all of Louise Wise's records. I spoke with the Social Worker there and she was very helpful adn gave me all the information they had about me. Including the notes from the soucial worker who visited me prior to placement.
Yes, call Spence Chapin @1212.369.0259. Their website is [url=]Spence-Chapin Adoption Services[/url]. Look under post-adoption...background information. The social worker at Spence has access to your records from Louise Wise. The next thing you should do is register for NYState Adoption Registry. If you don't have a name maybe you should use a search's a start.good luck
I have never heard the Louise Wise had so many ethical issues. I know Spence Chapin has the records. They have always been helpful for non-identifiable records. My parents (adoptive) gave me as much info as they could. In the adoption agreement with louise Wise was my first name as but in the court records was my last. I am not sure if the first name was what my mother (birth) named me, but the adoption records did show last name. They used to write "baby girl (or boy) and the last name. So that may help start and those records are not sealed. I am searching as well, or at least wanting contact if my birth family does. So any info is helpful. I was adopted in 1964 Good Luck all...
Everyone should put their information on
[url=]Adoption Registry - Records, Reunion Registries, Adoptees, Search[/url] and check it from time to time.
You can check it by name. Or Birthday mm/dd/yyyy and state.
or mm/yyyy state.
or yyyy state.
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My name is cheryl denise scott.I was born on 2/7/1969.from here my worker name was ms jenkins.I want to reconnect with my birth mother grand Mother and order for me to do this is to release my birth records.I'm registered with adoption database.and adopted mother passed in could someone please send me my birth records so I could have some address I said 1620 vernon road Rocky mount nc 27801.I really want to know who gave birth to me.I'm very much's not fare for children who go thru this and when they get older they still sre left in the please send me my hurthday records I called the founding ospital and they don't have my records.they said to call you all.I don't even know what Hospital in was born in or what street I lived n please I'm begging you to release my in ft ormation.I'm also registered with adoption registry. Thank you very much hope to hear from you soon have a blessed day
I established that Dr. Pulaski of Oswego Co New York may have had his own Family Social Services/Adoption Agency.