Just wondering if anyone is familiar how you go about getting a NY STATE police clearance, rather than a local police clearance for your dossier. I have noticed that several agencies require this for dossier, rather than local police clearance, which we have used in the past.
Thank you.
You need to contact the State of New York Division of Criminal Justice Services in Albany, NY. There phone # is 518-485-7675. Let them know you need a packet for an international adoption police clearance. Make sure they understand it is for an international adoption, because it is a different card. They will send you a packet and you go and get fingerprinted on the cards and return them, along with the fee. They then will send you out a police clearance letter. This is what we did, I hope it helps. If you need anything further feel free to PM me.
We did an independent homestudy (NY is one of a few states that let you do this), and it is then certified by the family court. In order to certify it, they did our state police clearance as well as our child abuse clearances. They gave us the cards, and we were able to choose whether to go during their specified fingerprinting times( which were not very convenient) or take them to the local police station for fingerprinting. We mailed them back to family court and they took care of the rest :)
What did the agency/social worker who did your homestudy say??
This is not the police clearance for NY homestudy....in addition to those fingerprints and the fingerprints for BCIS, several agencies require a NY State police clearance instead of a local police clearance....this is yet another set of finger prints - not all agencies require this!
We did local police clearance for our last adoption and had no issues.
If you are referring to my post, the family court did indeed do a STATE police clearance, It was returned to them from the state criminal justice division in Albany.
I don't know what other homestudy agencies do, but our family court did a state clearance to certify our homestudy. We never had a local police clearance done. Just had the fingerprints done at the local station for convenience.