I started giving Guapo infant Tylenol in the proper dose for teething and he has been zonking out for two hour naps that I essentially end up waking him up from because I can't have him sleeping so late into the day. I'm trying to figure out if it's the effect of taking him off the sugary rice cereal we brought back from Guatemala, him catching up on all the missed sleep, or if it's just from the Tylenol. I don't give it around the clock, just once or at the most twice a day when his teeth seem to bother him the most. I can't find it listed as a possible side effect anywhere. We tried the Hyland's and they didn't work for him.
Thanks. Today is the first day I ever gave it in the morning and he took a two hour morning nap and was a zombie until 1:30. It was weird. I guess I won't give it during the day unless he's really suffering. I'm not used to him being super-smiley boy.
Yes, Tylenol will do it... gave it to Dylan during her worst teething days and she was out like a light. She still slept through the night as well.
I'm not sure if it's the Tylenol, maybe the teething process, and if the Tylenol is helping the pain, he may be comfortable enough to get the sleep he needs. But, I'm not sure.. could be Tylenol. And don't forget, meds effect everyone differently, so even if it's not a listed side effect, it may be a side effect your babe will encounter with it.
Glad he's getting some relief!
I have to second the thought that it isn't the drug, but the relief of pain.
Motrin or tylenol has never had a sleepy effect for my kids, but it sure does help.
I think Motrin helps more than tylenol too, but that was just my experience.
someone once mentioned to me that tylenol (and motrin too) may cause kids to feel sleepy because they are so relieved to not be in pain like they had been, and thus are able to finally rest completely!
just a thought.
cris..who wished tylenol would help ME sleep as i lay awake often with my mind spinning....;)
All my kids seem to get sleepy after having Motrin or Tylenol, but don't know if it is the med or the pain relief. What someone said about meds effecting different kids differently is so true. Benedryl has absolutely no effect on Lauren at all, but if Daniel has it, he is spaced out to the point of being scary. (He has had it twice and never again.)
Nope - not all kids get sleepy from Tylenol/Motrin.
If I give my son ANYTHING that normally makes people sleepy, it makes him HYPER...for that reason, I avoid that stuff like mad!
All of them are evil around here - evil I tell you!