My husband and I would like to adopt a biracial infant. I am black and he is caucasian. After some research, I admit to being turned off by the cost involved - it almost feels as if we are purchasing a baby. Not only that, but most people, unless independantly wealthy, does not have thousands of dollars on hand. We live in Florida. I am a PhD student and my husband himself is working on his graduate degree. We have a nice home, a good life and love in our heart for a child. Can anyone recommend an agency to us that would assist us in adopting a biracial baby girl for less that $3000.00? We do not mind assisting the birthmom with hospital bills but coming up with such a huge lumpsum is not doable for us.
Thank you and God Bless all of you for opening your hearts to children.
Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is that adoption agencies and law firms want to be paid for their efforts and most birth moms need help w/ some expenses. Private adoptions can be costly. The best option, and it has its own pitfalls, would be to try foster to adopt situations. Those types of adoptions are particularly low cost. Good luck.
If you are asking to find an adoption under three thousand......I can't think of anywhere this can be done. Unless, of course, the foster care system....but please be careful before pursuing this type of adoption.
Seldom do foster babies come to stay in any home the first time they are taken out of the Biological home. And, while the financial costs may seem low to non-existant......the emotional costs can be overwhelming.
In our experience, the less expensive adoptions are often conducted by an adoption attorney. While in some states, the fees for birthparent needs may be higher, some states have a cap on this amount.
You might start calling adoption attorneys. There are some good ones in Florida.....but I fear their fees will be more than the three thousand......
My best to you....
Here in PA, the Catholic social services agency is the most affordable, although still more than the figure you have in mind. My advice would be to see if they are doing adoptions where you live, attend the open house or orientation, talk to their adoption workers and see what they say.
Also, since the homestudy is not an instant process, you might be able to use those months to add to your financial reserves. Good luck!
We are in NC and even in a family, uncontested non agency adoption, our fees were right at $3,100.( would have been a lot cheaper though if birthfather had just signed the papers. He didn't contest, he just ignored the whole thing)
Good luck
I live in nc and I want to adopt a child but all the kids thru foster care are older and I am only 25 . I want to adopt a infant or child under 5. Where would you suggest I begin.
You can always go through the foster care route to begin with. Even though NC's children in foster care are older, this doesn't mean you have to stay within NC. You can always go through groups like Adopt America Network or AdoptUS or any other group who serves the foster care system. These groups work like a second set of eyes, searching for the age of child you're hoping to adopt. While many very young children in foster care have significant special needs, this isn't always so. Just depends on the area and how well the system in that area allow the children to find permanency.
Please feel free to send a pm to me if you'd like more details.
Paying lawyers and adoption agencies for their help in facilitating an adoption is not "buying" a baby. People pay doctors for help while pregnant--is that "buying" a baby too?
I just find that attitude to be insulting. I did not buy my child--I paid people to help me with the process.