difference in stipend rates between regular foster care and therapeutic foster care
Does anyone know what the difference in the rates are? Is it significant? I am starting training soon to become a theraputic foster parent as per request of DCYF. Just wondering about the difference in the monthly stipend.
It will depend on the 'level' and your area I know our girls are on the 2nd level and it is an additional $4 per day


We live in tennessee and are Theraputic Foster Parents.
We get $300.00 room and board and $300.00 service fee and $100.00 for ABC charts. So thats $700.00 per child per month.
We have a level 2 child which is $300.00 board, $600.00 service fee and $100.00 for doing the ABC charts.
Not sure how that compares to the rest of you.

Hope that helps.
Wow, quite a difference!
I don't know what ABC charts are, but here in the PA county we are dealing with, the rate for regular foster care is $12/day, plus 50 cents a day (!) for clothes. Don't know what the therapeutic rates are, even though R gets 2 kinds of therapy each week, he apparently does not qualify :confused:

I always did like Tennessee!
Well PA varies by agency too, cause we are requried to spend $40 per month on clothes for each child, no matter what level of payment we are at.

ABC charts are basically to identify bad behaviors and what triggers them, (Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence) then using a reward system try to change those behaviors. We are required to fill these charts out daily describing what we did for positive time and whether the child is improving or not.
We do get two $200.00 clothing checks per child per year, plus we have to spend $1.00 a day on clothes and $1.00 a day for allowance.

Here is a link about ABC charts

Wow, that is good to see.
Concerned and Diane, it is good to see that the counties require the clothing spending. Seems like they are at least making an attempt to see that the kids are not badly dressed.
The ABC charts sound like a good plan, too--maybe helps to train the parent as well as the kids Wink
I am a therapeutic foster parent in VA, I am at the highest level. I recieve 47 dollars a day per child. Monthly clothing allowence of 93 dollars "other" allowance is 81 and the childs allowance is 23.00 per month, in addition to 150 dollar vouchers twice a year for DSS
We have 2 kids at the base rate, for standard family care and one child at level 1 theraputic. The difference is about $11 per day here in Ohio.
The higher the level the bigger the difference between.
My rate went from $700 to $1200 in CA for a 12 year old.
ours are 40/day regular, 60/day therapeutic, some clothing allowance maybe, depends on the kid, the county they're from, if their other placement already spent it.
we are from pa, private agency.
we aren't required to spend any on clothing, allowance, etc.
echobunny89 said...
Does anyone know what the difference in the rates are? Is it significant? I am starting training soon to become a theraputic foster parent as per request of DCYF. Just wondering about the difference in the monthly stipend.

When I was in CA the state rate was like 600... The therapy rate was 1280.... HUGE difference. The disabled child rate was 1500-2000.

I'm not sure what it is in VA, I just do state.
Where I am Therapeutic foster care's stipend is 3x's the regular foster care stipend and kids in regular care will not qualify for Therapeutic no matter what the situation, only private agencies get the higher rate. So, if a child can't be placed in regular foster care (no matter what their needs) they will qualify for the higher rate because it is through private agencies, but if someone in regular foster care agrees to take the child (again no matter what their needs) they will get the regular rate.

Here, it doesn't seem to depend on the child's needs, just where they are placed; however, many (if not most) of the children in therapeutic care are there because they are hard to place due to behavior, medical, emotional, or psychological issues.
In IL traditional rate varies with age but is around 400-475 (less if younger more if older) This includes a clothing and personal allowance which also varies by age but is about 75 of the board payment.

Specialized payments vary with agency (some slightly less and reimburse mileage others pay a flat fee no mileage). Spec rates are 1250- 1400 per month. A huge difference. We only got it for two of the nine months we had a specialized child but it paid for the broken windows, the professional cleaning, the professional car cleaning, special paint, special therapy supplies and we had planned to hire a college student to help out with fd for a few hours a week.
In Texas it is:

$21.44 a day for basic ($643 a month)
$37.52 a day for moderate ($1125 a month)
$48.24 a day for specialized ($1447 a month)
$85.76 a day for intense ($2572 a month)
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