French School
I just wanted to encourage anyone interested in their children being bi-lingual to send them to school in the less dominant language. I am a native English speaker and speak English at home ( my French is too poor) and my husband is a native French speaker and speaks French to the children and English to me. Although we have read books in both languages, my older son's French was not as strong as his English ( even though my dh is a stay at home dad). We enrolled my son in French school at age 3 and he is now 4. His French is now better than his English. He translates for his French Grandmother when she is visiting. He can switch back and forth with ease and he sounds like a native speaker in both languages. Its made such a difference. Since English is just so dominant everywhere, TV adds etc., its hard for the second language to compete. School has really made the difference and it was the best decision we have made.

I am now thinking about Chinese immersion for the summer.

Just wanted to share our experience--
Lexie - old thread, I know.

Where/how did you find the French school? I don't know if there would be anything like that near us.....
We live in Quebec and sent our daughter to French school. She is in the third grade now and - what's really funny - thinks that her native language is French. "You can not speak my language" - she told me recently, when I tried to speak French Smile
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