David -
My name is Stacey Lange and I am a "search angel". I help people who've been adopted located their birth families. Recently, while assisting an adoptee whose DNA results came in on she had a "close family" match with someone by the name, David Ekman. I believe you may be that same person.
The adoptee I am assisting is a woman from Minnesota who was born in 1962. She also had another close match whose user name is KSchultheiss (Karen). Karen shared with us that "David" had emailed her through ancestry and indicated that, David Eckman was his birth name and that he was searching for his birth family, including parents and / or siblings. I am attaching a creenshot of her ancestry results for you to see.
If you are the same person, I have good news for you and can with great certainty connect you with these two woman and share with you more of your families story. I can also share with you the name of your birth father and if you like, I may be able to help locate your birth mom as well. I help adoptees for free, just because I've been in your same situation searching for my birth family.
I see the post you made here on is from 2006, so I can only hope that you receive this message. I will provide below my contact information and you are welcome to reach out to me at any time. In the meantime, I encourage you to check your ancestry results. I do think Ann, the adoptee I'm assisting, has messaged you on their as well.
I do hope I have the right person....but I'm feeling like I do, so I can't wait to hear from you!
Stacey Lange