Anyone know what would happen if you run a humidifier with no water?
We have a cool mist humidifier in Meeah's room just for the purpose of the noise. It doesn't actually mist though, like you don't see it. Does anyone what would happen if we ran it without water???
I run one without water in it and it hasn't done anything wierd.
I would worry that it might over heat, no sure though.
It may depend on the brand and model. I always run our humidifier until it is bone dry to keep down the yuck factor. The way this one operates it doesn't hurt it a bit to run without water.
Ours ran dry once and it smelled horrible.
If its just the noise you want - you can buy a "white noise machine" at Walmart or the like for under 15$ and you wont have to worry about the fire hazard of running a machine for a purpose its not made.

We used them ALL the time with our kids Smile and they are wonderful!
I think mine will turn off after a while if it runs without water. Smile
Most cool mist humidifiers are nothing more than a fan over a bowl of water. If this is the case for yours, it should be no problem without water.

A warm mist humidifier would be a different story...
Are you doing this for the calming noise factor? For Emma I have found that one of those cheap little fans works wonders. I know hope that it can drown out her baby sister when she arrives home.

I'd be cautious. Even the cool mist ones have a heat coil (or something similar) in them. It could be a fire hazard.

We run ours dry, but it's only out of water for a short time. And be sure to clean these things 'cause YUCK! Smile

I'd try the white noise machine. We even travel with ours. :D:D It is our lifesaver!

We have been running our cool mist humidifier dry for well over a year for white noise in DD's room. When we need to we clean it and put water in it when she is congested.. We have had no problems at all. It just runs like a fan without making the room cold.
Does anyone that is running it dry have a ReliON? I got mine for like $20 at Walmart...

Would I still keep the filter in it???

I called and the guy at the place said it wouldn't be a fire hazard, just probebly wouldn't last as long...

With that said, Meeah IS sleeping right now with a noise machine. We put it right on top of the humidier to make it look like it was still it, but she's not dumb Wink
Nonetheless, she is sleeping... But I don't like the white noise or the spring rain or the thunderstorm or whatever they all are, I still think the humidifier is more effecitve..
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