Our little girls initals are going to be KBAM ........K-Bam.......and Bam Bam.
Also her middle name is BLU so I call her my little BLU BIRD.... which always makes me sing "there's a blue bird on my shoulder" Zipadedoda zipada My oh my what a wonderful day plenty of sunshine heading my way......
I like Miguelito. :)
Gabriel's nickname (only I use it) is "puppy." It just kept slipping out when I would talk to him. :)
I like MJ as well - i get MK a lot and it's nice (friendly but not TOO friendly if you know what i mean!)
whatever nickname you choose, it will be great! i love having pet names for kids as well!
I vote for MJ but I think that once you get Miguel home and start playing with him and doing everyday things names will just come pouring out.
Migel Jehovany?
Or just Migel or whatever. I like little nick names and I can't find a good one for Migel!
Like Meeah Isabella, we call her bella, or Meeah Bella, or we say her name real fast so it sounds like Meeahzibela.. Or Meeah Isabelly
Weve got so far for Migel:
Sol Migel
Mig, but i'm not real fond of that....
Anyone got anything else?
I like Miggy