ISO Boy mid June 1947 MA Springfield, West Springfield, Westfield, Holyoke area
ISO Boy born mid June 1947 born either in Springfield, Wesfield, W. Springfield or Holyoke MA, Adoption Agency was Brightside. Birth mother was Margaret Irene Thoubboron who's date of birth is 06/26/1924, birth father's name is Ernest Heford.
We do not know the name he was given at adoption but are told that the last name begins with the letter R.
We are told that the adoptive father's first name is Joseph with the last initial of R. With the R being a common last name. So his last name would begin with R. The adoptive parents lived in or around Northampton MA at time of adoption.
The name my aunt gave him at birth was David Michael Thoubborn/Heford.
We have a lot of important medical information to pass on for both sides of the birth family. His 1/2 siblings would love to meet him as well as my mom (his aunt)who is 84 years old and not well. We want to let him know that he was never forgotton.
Please message me or if you cant you can respond to my post, email me at or call me at 413-329-5215