Can anyone tell me what is involved in the Pennsylvania homestudy? We have a Louisiana homestudy and looking for requirements in Penn. Currently looking at relocating and waying the odds of our 2nd adoption. Thanks for any help!
We did a PA home study and it involved a visit from a State Worker - he came to the house and asked a bunch of questions of both of us and then he separated us and asked us separate questions.
The paperwork consisted of copies of birth certificates, marriage certificate, a certificate of net worth, a doctors exam to prove we're healthy both physically and mentally, proof of employment, a letter from a CPA if self-employed, 3 years tax returns, 3 reference letters from non-relatives, criminal background checks, child abuse background checks, recent photographs of our home, proof of insurance for children (provided by health carrier) and a letter of intent to adopt.
The letter of intent to adopt and certificate of networth had to be notarized and the letter from our CPA had to be on letterhead.
I think that was all...if not, it's REALLY close... :rolleyes:
I think it varies. Home study agencies and placement agencies can also have different requirements. If your placement agency is in one state and your home study is in another state, you may need to meet both standards. I'm in PA and also needed autobiographies for both DH and I and a few other things, as well. The best thing to do is to check with the agencies. Where in PA are you moving? I am in the Pocono region and am using an agency outside of Philadelphia which will do both the home study and placement. Although we are not very far along in the process, we are happy so far. All of my questions (and there have been a lot!) have been answered the same day. They do only work in a certain radius, though, so it would depend on where you are moving. They do also do home studies with out the placement side, if you just needed that. I'm also a PA realtor if you need an agent in the Pocono area or a referral for an agent antwhere else. :) If you want any more details, just PM me and I'll be happy to tell you more about our agency, etc..
The following documents were included in our PA homestudy:
marriage certificate (copy)
birth certificates for each member of the family (copies)
criminal record checks (copy)
Child abuse history clearances (originals)
Doctor's letters indicating health of family members
5 reference letters
2004 1040 tax return (copy)
Net Worth Statement
Monthly Expenses
Employment letter
Life / Health insurance information
We are using an out-of-state agency which is qualified to do PA homestudies so there may be some extra requirements we had to do.
Good luck!
It must vary because I'm in PA and my requirements sound a little bit different than some. We need copies of birth cert, marriage cert, autobio, filled out a novel of questions, most recent tax return, letters from doc, child abuse and criminal clearances, employment verification letter, letter from mortgage company verifying residency and homeownership, and 3 reference letters. We are only required one home visit from the social worker. Good luck!
Thanks for the responses! The process looks very similiar to Louisiana. We are looking at possibly relocating to Philadelphia/Bryn Mawr area. Did your references have to be PA residents and know them for 2 years?