I'm new to this board and need some help in looking for my birth parents. I was born in Santa Monica, California @ Saint John's Hospital my doctor's name was H. Sazre, however I do not know my birth parents names' I know the ones who adopted me but any other information than that I do not know. If anyone is interested in helping me I will be grateful. I currently live in Oklahoma and have no way to get information from California if anyone needs more information I will be more than happy to give it to anyone. Thank you very much,
Did you get the post I sent?The only place that I could find an obit for this was [url]www.ObitsArchive.com[/url] and they charge $3.50 for the info.If I had a credit card I would look this up for you,but I don't.If you called the library in Salt Lake they would probably send you a copy(for possibly a small fee).You have to type in the whole name(middle name is Martin)to get the result.Best of luck to you :)
Thank you for your help I don't have a credit card either so I can't get into it but thank you for your help.
If anyone can get ahold of a copy of the obituary of John Janas or can get any more info please let me know.
Most libraries have obituaries and will photocopy and send them to you. Do you know which of these is him? I might be able to see if I can get it for you. I live in the LA area.
His name is John Martin Janas it wouldn't show up for me on that website if you can find out for me please let me know. Thank you,
Deceased Name: Obituary: John Martin Janas
John Martin Janas, 64, of Sandy, passed away October 27th of a heart attack.
Born a twin Mar. 8, 1937 in Hammond, In-diana to John and Delores Janas. Three year U.S. Air Force, reservist for five years.
Survived by daughter Carol Del Giudice; son-in-law Paul Del Giudice; grand-children, Aaron and Annie Schuler, of Sandy.
Burial will be at the Utah Veterans Memorial Park, 17111 So. Camp Williams Rd, Nov. 2, 2001 at 2 p.m. Memorial Services will be Nov. 3, 2001, 11 a.m. at Salt Lake Christian Fellowship, 615 East 9800 South.
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Deseret News, The (Salt Lake City, UT)
Date: November 1, 2001
Edition: All
Page: B10
Record Number: 0111010185
Copyright (c) 2001 Deseret News Publishing Company
This is from SSDI.So even though he was born in Indiana and died in Utah,this says his Social Secerity number was issued in California.
Name Birth Death Last Residence Last Benefit SSN Issued Tools Order
JOHN M JANAS 08 Mar 1937 27 Oct 2001 (V) 84092 (Sandy, Salt Lake, UT) (none specified) 559-46-8507 California SS-5 Letter
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I was wondering if anyone can get a copy of my birth certificate for me I live in Oklahoma and have no way of getting it so if anyone can help me out it would help me alot. Thanks
I just wanted everyone to know that I sent off for my non-id information and it should be returned to me by Wednesday just wanted everyone thats been helping me to know about that.
If anyone still looks at this I would like to update them on my search for my parents I got a letter in the mail Saturday and they told me that it would be 3-4 months before I would get anything back. Just thought you would like to know.