Looking For Birth Parents
I'm new to this board and need some help in looking for my birth parents. I was born in Santa Monica, California @ Saint John's Hospital my doctor's name was H. Sazre, however I do not know my birth parents names' I know the ones who adopted me but any other information than that I do not know. If anyone is interested in helping me I will be grateful. I currently live in Oklahoma and have no way to get information from California if anyone needs more information I will be more than happy to give it to anyone. Thank you very much,
what is your DOB? and is Santa Monica Ventura County or LA County? Once we know that we can check the birth index. Also you need to get your non-id information.
Heres the infomation
My Birthdate is 10/31/1964 and its in Los Angeles County if you need any other information let me know and thank you very much.
Okay...229 females born on your DOB in LA county. Have you applied for your non-id yet?
What's a non-id? Sorry if this sounds dumb.

JK ;-)

non-id is information about you and your birthparents and the situation surrounding your adoption. It can list the ages of your birth parents, state they were born in and even information on grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.... but without identifying information ....hence....non-id

this will tell you more information on how to obtain it
Thats the only problem I don't know my birth parents or their birthdates all I know is the people who adopted me and the town and hospital I was in the people who adopted me was Alberta Geraldine Copass her age at the time was 46 and Alvern Leroy Holt his age at the time was 40. Thats all the information I know. I hope that helps.
After receiving your non id, we can narrow down your search for your bparents. MOST adoptees start with only the information you have as well!

Do you know if you were named at birth? There are a few that "Look" like adoptions on your DOB. Some are named and some are not named. I will say that LA County is not easy only because it is so large. But it can be done. I was LA County as well and Ive helped with other LA County searches with good outcomes as well.
I was not named at the time of birth my adopted parents named me hope that helps a little bit more.
okay, but we can not rule out the possibility that you MIGHT have been named by bparents.

I searched for your adopted name (first name only) and there were not any listed in the birth index on your dob, which would lead me to believe that you are listed under your bname or not listed at all. I have been told that this index is not always complete. You can be listed under your adopted name, birth name, both or sometimes not at all. So assuming you are on the list then you are one of those 229 listed on your DOB.

Big number, but better than where you were 5 minutes ago ;-) 1 out of 229 is not so bad ;-) we can narrow that down to probably no more than 20 ASSUMING YOU ARE IN THE BIRTH INDEX
have you asked your aparents if they have any other information about your adoption? Many times adoptees are afraid to ask because we dont want to "hurt" their feeling and let them know we are searching, but A LOT of times aparents have TONS of information that they never told us because WE NEVER ASKED
So there is no telling if Im on there or not and no telling who my birth parents are right?
My adopted mother passed away and my adoted father I don't think would tell me. See here's some more info for you my birth mother did not want to see me when I was born because I was born blind and deaf. If that helps any more let me know.
yes and no! it may mean that if she did not want to see you (i am sorry if that is true, im sure that hurts a bit) then perhaps she did not name you. and there are only 5 "no-name" baby girls
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