I am looking for a brother that was placed for adoption the same time I was. He was born in early 1962 in Maine and adopted sometime in 1966. I was born in early 1964 in Maine.
:rockband: I found out you were born 8/9/1957 at St. Johns hospital Springfield IL my sister where are you I would love to meet you bob Davis ,your mother was Mary Verona Davis at the time of your birth maden name was Hagan I know she used a different last name on your birth certificate please contact me you have one sister and 5 brothers ,three brothers have passed ,now just 2 living. I live in FL however my phone is an IL area code 618-531-0858
His name at birth was Alan Roy Martin, and he was born to Carl David Martin And Patricia Hope Martin on January 14th 1977, at Potomac Hospital in Dale city, Va . I am the oldest of the siblings My name is Donna and his other Brother is David.
b-mom claims she remembers nothing about him because she 'blocked it out'...I was born with last name Payson...born 5-2-55 in Hartford ct. bdad was in coast guard ,from rockland maine I think.
I am Baby Girl Stewart in search of her birth family. Here is what I know so far:
* Born in Newport News, VA at Riverside Hospital on 08/02/1960 @2:11am
* I went home from the hospital with my adoptive parents Charles and Jimmie Dee Carlisle.
* My adoptive mom said my birth mother was a teenager. Not treating this as a confirmed fact.
* I have my Final Order of Adoption.
* DNA Database:
* A583002
* 14-12-24699
* G's Adoption Registry [url][/url]
* Adoptee Registry Connect [url=]CARLISLE : STEWART Adoption Registry Profile[/url]
* Also registered with , ISRR and others.
* [url][/url]
Action taken so far (I besides registering at a lot of sites), I have sent off for my non-id information and my medical records.
Getting the non-id is going to take months because Virginia DSS is running way behind.
The medical info is a long shot
Looking for Birth Mother, I was born at Hamot Hospital in Erie Pennsylvania on 3-10-1980. I was adopted through Catholic Charities a couple days later. Thank you for life and the opportunities you gave me by doing so. Please reach out to me. I Really could use the medical history. Thanks
I'm looking for my birth mom.
I was born 2/21/1985 in Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, MI at 10:30pm. She was 19 at the time, and she wrote me a letter to tell me she loved me. I was given up right away, but I want to thank her for loving me as much as she did to give me a better chance.
I apparently was born on either her mom's or her grandmother's birthday, if that is any help.
Thankyou, I only just started my search (although I've thought about it for 12 years) and I'm not sure what to do - I'm thinking about trying one of those "viral" FB posts with a pic of me and a poster asking for help! :)
Born 11 -16 - 65 at the Booth Memorial Hospital for unwed mothers in Wichita, Kansas. Looking for birth fathers side medical records. Both mother and fathers families from the Miami, Cardin, Picher Oklahoma area. Also had ties to Ulysses, Kansas at the time of birth. Thanks D Dollison
Girl - Kane County Illinois - celebrate my birthday on Nov. 7, 1975 but could be anywhere from mid-Oct to mid-Nov. As a newborn I was supposedly abandoned, left in a hospital bathroom or somewhere of the sort by my an adult woman who we assume was my mother. She was holding a toddler on her hip as well but took the toddler with her. I hold no ill feelings at all and simply wish to know any birth family I can possibly find. I was ultimately adopted through DCFS in Elgin, IL on Dec. 31, 1975.
I would like to add there is a high chance that story was a lie... so anyone missing a daughter/sister born anywhere in Kane County Illinois between Oct. '75 - Nov. '75 should get in touch with me.
My name is Denise, I was born on March 15, 1967. I was born in Denver, CO at St. Anthony's Hospital. I am looking for my birth parents. I have my original birth certificate and I know my birth mother's name. I have been told by my adoptive mother that my birth parents are from Kansas. Also, that they were not married and they came here to have me and then returned to Kansas after my birth.