Baby boy born 4/6/1979 at Winter Park Memorial Hospital.
Winter Park, Florida.
Was private adoption through attorney in Orlando. Searching for birthmother or any information at all.
Please contact me via text or email at 386-341-2583
I am too an adoptee, quite a happy one. Please could anyone explain why any adoptee goes on an egg/sperm sonar hunt? My patients are my family, the BF gave us up due to circumstances end of, we are not victims,and this searching and upsetting another family baffles me. As for identity just look in the mirror, the strangers you are perusing are just that strangers.
I see a lot of posts regarding finding family I hope this can help. My son who is adopted knows his biological family but chooses to have distant relationship with them I will share more details about that at another time. My heart goes out to those who I see looking, I came across this book which I know can give some insight and guidance on finding family, it's actually called finding family and the audible version is free
I hope this can help.
Looking for birth mother &/or father. I was born from a woman with the last name of Roberts in Forest Grove, Oregon on March 7, 1943 and I was a baby when I was given up I think. I was in 2 foster homes and adopted at 12 by Margaret and Clarence Potts in Gresham, Oregon. My daughter would really like to know my biological side.
I am looking for a birth mother or any information of my birth family.
I was born in Findlay, Ohio, in 2005. I know my birth mother's name is Amanda and birth dad's name is James. She was 20 or 21 when she had me, and he was about 19 and approximately 6'1" tall. My birth grandpa's name is Charlie, and his wife is Susan. My aunt is named Tiffany.
Amanda was not aware of her pregnancy until birth, and James still isn't aware that it ever happened.
If you have any information please don't hesitate to contact me.
My mother was born 3/8/64 at Hampton hall in gainesville florida. She is looking for any biological family. Really don't have any info on bm or bf except description of them. Birth mother: med brown hair, hazel eyes, fair complexion, 5'6", 110lbs, Irish and English, methodist, education high school plans to attend business college Birth father: black hair, blue eyes, med. complexion, 5'11", 170lbs, Irish and german, methodist, education high school (in the service at time of birth)