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I have read that sometimes people with certain conditions can't adopt, can a person with OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder) adopt a child?
I dont know the answer (I can't see why not though) so you should check with an agency in your state.
I really just wanted to say that I hope you are dealing with your OCD ok - my brother has it quite badly, and I know how difficult it can be.
Yes!! I have had OCD for many years as well as social anxiety and we have adopted. It wasn't even an issue!
Email me if you want more info!
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Here in the United States, if you are wanting to adopt domestically, no agency can turn you away based on a mental or physical condition, if you have supporting evidence (a Dr.s note) that states you are able to care for a child and you have a normal life expectancy.
Things like this are covered under the ADA Җ Americans With Disabilities Act.
Make sure you speak with your Dr. Make sure youҒre following your Dr.s orders regarding medication, therapy or other treatment and also make sure youҒve discussed with your Dr. what youre hoping to do.
So, after all that, the short answer is YES! If you are hoping to adopt thru Domestic Infant Adoption or even Domestic Waiting Child (Foster Care) Җ you are covered by the ADA!
If you are hoping to adopt internationally, the answer will, of course, be different. Each country sets their own adoption guidelines and may or may not exclude you from adopting from their country.
Yes. My DH has OCD and takes daily medication for it. We disclosed it in our self evaluations and discussed it w/ our SW during our homestudy. Not an issue at all.