Adoption subsidy continue after moving out of state?
Does anyone know whether or not your adoption subsidy will continue if you and the child/children move out of the state from which the subsidy is received?

I am from Maryland and I realize it may vary from state to state. I've been looking through an awful lot of information on subsidized adoptions but can't find anything that specifically addresses this question.

It will continue. Whatever rate you're approved at, is what you'll get. My sons siblings were adopted by a woman who moved to Georgia from NY. It took a little longer for her to get the initial check but she got it.
Do the funds continue to be disbursed from the state of origin or does that pass onto the new state at whatever rate that new state pays?
They come from the originating state ... Maryland checks are issued about the 10th of each month I believe and therefore would be received by you on/about the 12-14th via mail ...

Hope this helps.
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