I Am Done
I am so sorry but i cant go on with this search anylonger i cant seem to find who i am searching for . I have to say this search has been stressfull to say the least . I am banging my head against the wall every second i try to search for this adoptee. Sorry but i can no longer do this kind of search anymore it has brought me nothing but sorrow and pain . Eight years of searching and all of the search angels i contact will not help me in anyway shape or form they say they will and never reply to me again. I am just left hanging in the balance i can no longer do that i am done with the adoption search prossess if this lady wants to find us she will other then that i am done with this whole freaking mess. sorry to those who read this post if it offends you in any way shape or form. And may i add GOOD LUCK ON YOUR SEARCH I DIDNT HAVE ANY LUCK AT ALL NOR DID I HAVE HELP.
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I feel your frustraition, I have been searching for my sister for a long time and sometimes feel like a dog chaseing my tail, but you can not give up! Have faith girl! I will help you in any way I can... Give me any information you have and I will put it on my site. I will stand by you okay!....Hope to hear from you!
I want to post my support to you. It must be incredible to feel like you are getting no where. Hang in there and maybe one day all this will be a distant memory. Best of luck to you.
I am sorry that you feel frustrated. I hope and pray that you find the answers you need. God Bless You.
searching for 14 years
:wings: Please don' give up I have been searching since 1992 when my a parents gave me a copy of my papers on my 40th BD,sometimes I take a break but I always go back to searching, My bmom put medical history in the adoption registry for me & I really feel like she is searching for me to but I'm sure she has the same blocks I have. My adoption was Indiana sealed in 1952.
I know it is really hard sometimes & I fear my bmom Might die before I find her as she has health problems & is about 72 now.
Mayby you just need a break for a while,
& as for search angels I have one helping me & she is wonderful, their are good one's out there.
I'm sorry you feel like you want to give up, but as an adoptee searching for my bmom, I hope you don't. I have been searching for 15 years, with no success so far. All I can truly hope is that my bmom is searching for me. This is the most frustrating and emotional thing I have done in my life, but I just can't give up, not on myself or my bmom. I also had no luck with search angels, so I finally got to the point that I have hired someone to search. That alone has taken a huge burden off my shoulders. I know not everyone can afford to hire someone, but if you can, maybe it's worth it.
Good luck with whatever decision you make.
Don't give up! I am an adoptee and just found out last month. I'm 47 years old. I haven't found any information from my bmom trying to search for me and it makes me feel she either hasn't searched for me at all or maybe after all these years she's given up. Take a break for a while, but don't give up.
Oh I know how hard it is to keep going. But sometimes just a short period of non searching is all that is needed to feel like beginning again. Sometimes out of nowhere someone will remember something that will lead you on another journey. I know myself I have had days when I feel like I'm FINISHED forever searching for my bdad. But then some new idea comes to out of nowhere and I know in my heart I will never stop searching.

If I can help at all, please pm me. I am a reunited adoptee who has searched and found.

Don't Give Up...
Maybe you should just take a break from searching. I searched for 22 years and finally found my bmom last year when I was 40. It was very difficult to keep plugging away but now that we have had the chance to get to know each other, I can honestly say it was worth all the pain and the tears over the years. If I found myself hitting brick walls (which was often) I would try to take a break and concentrate on somehting else to try to take my mind off the searching. Of course, it never really worked totally but it helped keep me in perspective...don't give up, one day it will all come together for you. I wish you luck in your search!
there is help
This woman found my son within a couple of hours,her name is Sheri Kalt 865-777-3773..my name is Kelly
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