I am a single female, looking to adopt from Haiti. I have been doing quite a bit of research, but am still not sure about an agency. I live in Maryland, but with international adoption, that doesn't matter. I know I'll need a local agency to do the home study. PLEASE any suggestions on agencies for Haiti adoption? I need some guidance! Thank you, in advance!!!!
I am also a single female looking into international adoption. Did you receive any responses to your request for agency suggestions?
On July 1st, any and all Agencies must be Hague Accredited to pursue International Adoptions.
Currently China is processing Dossiers way back from October of 2007 for Non Medical Orphans, and expect the wait to continue be 2024.
Are you open to Special Needs Adoptions?
Latin America currently is either closed indefinitely in Guatemala and Colombia for under 7 year old, or is at a 3-4 year wait for Orphan or Orphans Referrals in Honduras!!
Personally as a Family, we would pick a Country and then pick an Agency to pursue an International Adoptions!!!
Good Luck to your Family!!