My name is Katie LeeAnn Gould, and I am about to get married. I want to find my birth mom and/or dad before I tie the knot. Heres some info about me and what I know...
Born on February 17th, 1986 in Gillette Wyoming.
I have blonde hair and blue eyes.
Was adopted to Robb and Cheryl Gould.
Was adopted through Catholic Social Sevices of Wyoming, Inc.
Birth mothers name was/is Deana Ray(or Kay, cant tell) Joslynn.
I think she has had other kids after me.
If anyone knows anything please reply to me or sent me an email at
Hi Katie. I sent you an email. If you have not already found I have info for you. Please contact me.
im sorry for my reply being 2 years late! i dont come here anymore for having lost hope in a reply. im getting married soon and thought id look one more time here to see if anything had come up in hopes to find her for my wedding. ive sent you an email and a pm, i hope to God you get them soon. im very interested to see what you have to say, anything at this point would be a blessing. please post soon!