Bebelac 1 Formula - visit trip ?s
Our Amelia is on Bebelac 1 formula. We are going down for a visit trip in a few weeks and I have a few questions:

1. Will the FM provide enough formula for the visit (4-5 days)? and if not
2. Is it readily available (we'll be staying at the Westin)?
3. Anyone who has already picked up, what did you switch them to (that is comparable) in the US? (just planning ahead).

For the visit trip, the foster mother should give you the formula that you need for the duration. Our foster mother did. Keep in mind that you can not leave the hotel, so bring everything that you think you will need.

I was told that the foster mother would bring everything that I needed and that was not the case. She brought some things for the baby, but no clothes, etc. So, just be prepared for anything.

I have never seen the formula your are referring to in the united states. Do a search on the internet.

Good luck.
My daughter was on bebelac in 2003. Our foster mom did bring enough for our visits, but we always bought a replacement can for her before we left. I do recall that we had to go to a couple of pharmacies to find it. We stayed at Telma's guest house outside the city and they helped us track it down. Back then I did try to locate it in the States. I was unable to find a source here. Our daughter ended up being switched to Similac Advance before our pick up anyhow. The Guatemalan Similac is different than what is sold in the US (sweeter, I think) but neither of my kids had trouble transitioning once they were home.

I'm sure the folks at the Westin will help you find Bebelac there. I wouldn't worry about it now. Have a wonderful trip!
Steph, We didn't get enough formula for the duration of either of the two visits we went on. I know the Marriott has someone who will go out and get it, but not sure how the other hotels work. We had trouble finding our daughter's formula the first time and the hotel was greatSmile

Just a little FYI though is be ready for anything!!!! We left tons of everything on our first visit and I'm glad I played it smart and packed lots on the second visit too because we had one sleeper and one dress when they brought her to us and three diapers. So in our case we pretty much supplied everything on both trips so don't plan for much to be brought to you with your darling. The fostermom was very happy when we left her everything on both trips!!! I late found out she has another little girl in her house and I guess the clothes was really useful because one of the dresses I left for Arianna was worn in a photo of the other baby! LOL! I seen her in it on a photo taken on a cmaera I left the fostermom.

Have a wonderful tripSmile

Waiting for Arianna
The Westin is a higher end hotel-- they should be able to tell you where one of you can go to get it if the FM doesn't leave enough (only the baby cannot leave, so one of you can certainly make a little venture to the pharm, grocery).

As for switching when you come home-- you can switch to anything as long as you do it gradually. If you have a Costco nearby you might consider Kirkland. That's what we did (our baby was on Enfamil) as it is equivilent to the good formulas and half the price.

Have a great visit trip!!
don't worry
hi steph,

don't worry about the formula or anything you need during your visit. if you don't have it and the hotel doesn't have it they will get it for you. the westin is awesome! we stayed there twice and were more than accomodating for our needs and our childrens. we left a full can there as well and always a brand new bag of diapers.

as far as worrying about formula to switch your baby to when you get home - that is a personal choice - and it can be done slowly over a two week period time - slowly introducing the new and making the old less and less of it until it is all the new.

i'm not a huge fan of any formula because i know too much about them - so for me i'm getting them off of it right away - our son will hopefully be about 8 months old when we bring the youngest home. we will switch to coconut milk and coconut juice and water. there isn't really anything around as healthy or with the same fats we have in breastmilk. with no scary side effects to their delicate digestive tracts like formula. good luck and enjoy your visit!

pm me if you would like a copy of my book that i wrote about nutrition - has a chapter dedicated to feeding our children. one of the most over looked topics - is how to truly rebuild our childrens health after being adopted. they need it as much if not more than all of us. the standard american diet isn't good for any of us. sorry i won't go on and on - just super passionate about what i do because i see the affects of how we all live our lives every day with the 100's of families i have met along my journey to teaching the truth!
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