New York City Foundling Hospital
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Seeking any information on adoptees who have had any sucess obtaining information about their adoption through the NYC Foundling home.
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Yes, I did have success searching through the NYFH, I was placed there after my birth, and was placed in foster care at 3 months and adopted at 3 years of age. I got in contact with a woman named Cheryl(Sherry) Smart and she helped me tremendously. They offer you to find out identifying information or unidentifying information. The difference being that with the identifying you must have permission from your adoped parents, with non-identifying you do not. Though, non-identifying is more vague, I did find out what time I was born and others interesting factors that I did not know. I was a rather unusual case and really lucked out (though I did run into many snags, such as lost records and many closed doors) I became obsessed and it all paid off in the end with numerous phone calls and outrageous phone bills and threatening to make a trip to the Foundling home. Sherry Smart was extremely helpful and asked me what exactly I expected. I told her I just wanted to know where I was for the first 3 years of my life and if I was in foster care I would like information on those individuals so I could thank them and let them know about myself. Luckily, the family that cared for me for those 3 years had never forgotten me and kept in touch with the Foundling, making them promise if I ever were to contact them, they would contact the family immediately. To make a very long story short, that's what happened. I received a phone call and was given my foster mother's number (with her consent of course, they had to track her down) I have met with the family (45 minutes from where I grew up) and am still in contact. I have information on my birth parents which I received from the non-identifying information, and found out more through my foster mother, unfortunately my foster father passed away before this reunion. I have pictures of myself as a baby, which I had never seen. My foster mother kept a book of different events that happened to me in those first 3 years that I spent with her and her family. It's really wonderful. I have a great relationship with my adoptive family, though I have always felt a big, actually, huge void in my life. Being adopted a 3 years old, there are some very important times missing and I needed them filled in. I still play around with the idea of searching for my birth mother. I know now what a hard decision it was for her, she made statement that she would have fought for me to the bitter end, but circumstances were beyond her control, she had kept my life on hold long enough and I was placed into my adoptive home at 3 years and2 months old. My foster family could not be considered for my adoption because of their age (a big regret for them) I don't know your situation and this took place 7 years ago. I don't know if Sherry is still employed there. I know at one time, she actually put her job in jeopardy for my case. The had reported back that my records were lost and it's funny she seemed just as upset as I was. She actually gave me the phone number to the records department, figuring maybe I could get further directly with these people. Needless to say, her supervisor was very upset and I called him and praised Sherry for being "the only one that actually seemed to care", sometimes I thought she was adopted herself, but she wasn't. She truly was a wonderful person who didn't just think I was another case number trying to find my birthparents. My foster mother even called her and thanked her. Again, I don't know your situation, I assume you were also placed there... If so, I wish you success. If this is something important to you keep focused and stay determined. Trust me, it gets very frustrating and I believe I became obsessed. My foster mother says obviously that's something I never outgrew, I was extremely determined at a young age.
You can call the Foudling and there (whether it's Sherry or not) are people there that are case workers and this is their job to help adoptees. Again, I don't know if you want to identifying or non-identifying and there is a fee for both, a small fee if I remember correctly. I don't know how much information you have already obtained or if you were baptized. If you were, it was probably at the church that is affiliated with the home. Off the top of my head, I can't remember right now I would have to dig out my ammended birtcertificate. Another thing, my foster mother and foster sister were present at my actual baptism before I went to their house. They were not allowed to take place in their ceremony, a secretary was called to witness.
I hope that I have been a some help, I'm not sure but it felt kind of good to relive that part of my life again for a few minutes. good luck to you and I hope you find whatever or whoever you are looking for. I can give you my E-mail address if you have any further questions
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Bill, I have had no success either with the N.Y. Foudling except for non-identifying info.With the adoption papers including the birthname --I still have not gotten any where.
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Looking for birthson adopted thru New York Founding Hospital June 1963?
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I have no info just seeking info. What is this hospital. I ws born in the Bronx 1950. email
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i don't have any info but i gave up my son thru the foundling hospital my e-mail address is
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I was adopted through this agency 8/15/62

Any takers????
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i was adopted from ny foundling as an infant. i have not tried to contact them yet. i have heard they are reluctant to recede information. under ny state law they have to release info, but they are a private organization. i am willing to help you as i am going to need help too finding my birth family through ny foundling. please contact
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What year was your son born?
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I was adopted through NYFH. I was born at St. Vincent's Hospital. Is the last name "Hanlon" familiar to anyone?
Thank you.

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June 3, 1963
I am writing to let you know you can get information from the New York Foundling Home. Call and ask for Wendy Freund she was a big help. You will get non Identifying info only . I was in the foundling home frm nov 15th 1945 tillI was adopted in May 1947. I was born sept 8th 1945 and found in a doorway in Brooklyn.
My husband was taken at 3months old to NY Foundling hospital. I was able to get only non-identifying info from NY Foundling hospital. It was helpful however in getting his birth parents year of birth therefore determining thier ages to help narrow my search. They also gave me the general geographic location of where they were born...again helping to narrow my search. They were pretty good about it. Good luck.
I, too, was born at St Vincents and adopted through NYFC. May 17,1963. Sound familiar to anyone??
I was placed in NYFH at 4 months old. I have my parents names, but Im more interested in finding my brothers. My parents names are Willie Fowler and Beatrice Pitt-Fowler. I only know I had two older brothers. Im a black female and my birthday is 6/7/59. Im not sure my brothers know I exist. I can only hope one day they will find this. Thanks Everyone.
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