I'm looking for anyone who can offer advice on how to adopt from another state while working through Alabama DHR. I scan the AL state photo listing several times a week and am terribly frustrated :grr: with the lack of children displayed. I have contacted someone at the state office who said there are over 100 children waiting to be added to the site. But I'm still concerned that my children may not actually be in AL and therefore, I look at other state's listings regularly as well. There are currently several children in other states I'm interested in. However, everything I've heard about trying to adopt out of state in AL is bad. Alabama apprently has a history of trying to discourage out of state adoptions by making it very difficult. From what I've read in other forums on this site, AL will only send your homestudy in response to inquiry of one child or sibling group at a time. That doesn't seem fair. If anyone has information about how to do this successfully, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!:thankyou: