[font=Century Gothic]I am looking for some information regarding step-parent adoption, however I am not even sure I am going in the right direction. When my daughter was born (she is 18 months now) her biological father was a no show and didn't even sign the birth certificate. So now my name is the only one on her birth certificate and he has not been a part of her life since I was about two months pregnant, pays no child support and I would not even know where to find him. Would I still need to have him sign the consent and do an adoption with my new husband (which is the only father she knows) or can I just petition to get his (my husband's) name put on her birth certificate?[/font]
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[font=Century Gothic]Any direction you could point me in would be fantastic as we are completely lost and don't want to spend insane amounts of money to meet with a lawyer. Also, as far as any forms or papers I may there a website that we could download those from?[/font]
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[font=Century Gothic]Samantha[/font]
Hi Samantha. I'm curious about the same questions you asked. My son is about to be 4 years old and hasn't had contact with his biological father in 20 months. Before then, he saw him for 2 months. Before those 2 months in September 2004, he didn't see my son since November 2002 when my son was only 3 months old. When my son was born, he wasn't there because he was in jail and we weren't together anyways. So you see, there are LONG periods to where my son has no contact with him whatsoever. The thing is, he isn't on my sons BC either. I'm married now, my husband has been my sons "daddy" since my son was 4 1/2 months old. My husband too wants to adopt my son, since we have a daughter together as well. It just makes me sick to think I'm goin to have to take my ex to court in order for this to happen. Or so I think. I just have a feeling that my ex will contest even though he hasn't been there. I've heard that the judge could order termination regardless if there is neglect or no child support. Well, in my case I feel like it's pretty much neglect. I have everything documented to when I recieved something and the dates that he saw my son. In almost 4 years my son has recieved a blanket, christmas card, 4 pack of hotwheel cars, and 1 can of formula. I haven't recieved any money what-so-ever. My son has had numerous of medical bills, etc growing up. My ex has a criminal history background, and I'm hoping that will also help to get his rights terminated.
Does anyone think I have a good chance of his rights getting taken away if he does contest? My friends and family don't even think he'll show up to court because he's been in jail several times in the past for failure to appear on things. I'm just confused. I want this to be done and taken care of. I want my son to move on with his life and live the happy life he's been living. I'm just afraid that if we do take this to court, that things won't go the way I intend and he'll end up getting visitation rights.
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
Stephanie and Samantha,
I and my wife just finalized step-parent adotion in Texas. In our case, we did not know where bio was so the judge ruled abandanment.
If you like to get some info/forms, please email my wife, Aya at
and put "step-parent adoption in Texas" in the subject. We'll send info to you.
Joey and Aya
Could someone help me? I want to adopt my step daughter. Her bio father died before she was born. Her bio father isn't on the birth certificate either. We can't afford an attorney :(