10 month old shoe size
For a average sized 10 month old (around 50 percentile)....what shoe size would be right. I was thinking 5/6...anyone know?
Luke is just now in a 5/6 month and he is 16 months. He was in a 3/4 at 10 months. He's 50th in weight and 25th in height.
FYI - the best shoes at this age are NO shoes. Please do NOT put a young child under the age of 2 in shoes that do NOT have super soft bottoms like Robeez. You can buy safe shoes for growing feet at stores like Target, even Payless, Stride Right, etc.

They are not walking about a street in Guatemala or here when they get home for that matter that you have to worry about something hard hurting their feet. If you take them to a playground you can put them in a very soft bottom sneaker that truly bends. Hard bottom shoes cause problems that can totally 100% be avoided!
I agree with lifessence on the shoe issue. Soft soles or no shoes at all are best, especially if you want an early walker Smile Babies use their toes for balance when learning to walk and hard soles will block that. My niece learned to walk at 9 months! Good luck and have fun shoe shopping!
Sara is 1 years old. She is 50% on height and 50% on weight but is just getting into a size 3 shoe.

I bought a size 3 for Benji (8 months now) and am hoping it will fit. I bought one pair of shoes just to look cute when he goes to the embassy, I couldn't resist, will take pictures before, and one pair of robeez.
Good luck!
My girl was 8 1/2 months, 55% for weight and 70+% for height, and she wore a size 2... I only put the shoes on to go with her cute dress when we went down to dinner... at this age they're really just for show. I'm bringing one pair size 2 and one of size when I visit again at age 10 mos.
Our little guy is almost 1 and he is in a size 4.5 shoe.

You will get lots of different opinions on whether to put shoes on a baby or not. Jonathan is our 7th child and I've used the true hard bottom shoes for all of my babies. These used to be called walking shoes. I liked them, the babies did well in them. My oldest, now 25, walked at 11 months, my 22 year old walked at 10 months, my 17 year old walked at 9 months, our 13 year old walked at 8 months, the 5 year old walked at 11 months and our 4 year old walked a day before her 1st birthday. Jonathan has taken his first steps now at 11 months. They are all active, healthy, sports oriented kids. No foot problems. It is very hard to find hard sole shoes and the rubber soles are very easy to find...I just couldn't find a pair I liked for our new little guy so I hunted for a pair of what I call the true white baby shoes and finally found a pair.

Do whatever feels right for you and your baby. Good luck with your sizes!!!
While I agree that no shoes are best, I have read time and time again that putting shoes on your baby while in Guatemala is a must. I have been told it is a sign of wealth and care for your baby. In every picture we have gotten of eli from FM he has been wearing shoes. I would take a pair and at least have him wear them when you send him back to the foster family. Don't forget also, however bundled up that baby comes to you, is how bundled up he needs to be when he is returned, regardless of weather.
I brought down slippers for my little one, two different sizes. and yes, definitely have their feet covered. At a minimum have socks on their feet. It is a cultural thing. Plus I think the pollution is pretty bad down there. I walked barefoot the first evening and had black feet. I think that is the true reason they put shoes on the kids feet...
Lifessence, you can't forget the cute factor. Practical smactical. We are bringing shoes for pictures!!!! Hats, shoes, costumes, props etc.
ez4me2remember said...
Lifessence, you can't forget the cute factor. Practical smactical. We are bringing shoes for pictures!!!! Hats, shoes, costumes, props etc.

I plan on buying those little angel wings just for pictures! Now that's silly!

Oh, my 11 month old wears size 3, but I think I've only put them on her twice since I love her chubby little feet.
At ten months (until about a year) our daughter wore size 2, she's still in 3's at 15 mos and she's 85% on height and weight. Since she's not yet walking it's more for the cute factor and now that she's taken to pulling off socks, it's to keep those on if we go out and I want them to remain on! In the winter I used them when we went on walks since the snow suit didn't have booties and cotton socks just didn't seem quite adequate. But now that it's summer and finally over 60 degrees in Seattle, she just mostly goes barefoot (except for the cute factor...Smile ).
at 10 months, my daughter was also in the 50th percentile on the charts, all across the board. Her shoes were size 3 at that time. My podiatrist says it is important the shoes be able to FLEX and bend as the baby's toes do. I've tried hard to follow that rule, but it's everyone's own choice.

Agree with the concept that it's important to cover the baby's feet while in Guatemala. My daughter's foster mother made sure she brought her to me wearing the shiny red Tommy Hilfiger crib shoes that I HAD SENT three months prior. It was funny, because I didn't think she was that small, but then I saw her feet smooshed into those size ZERO shoes, and she was well over 4 months old at the time. It's one of my most treasured pictures of her, and only includes her feet!!

Mommy to Addison, now age 2 and size 6 wide, shoes!
We can never forget the cute factor! Bryce is 13 months and wears a size 3. She is 29 1/2 in and 18 lb 10 oz.
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