Chances of adopting twin boys?
Hi - wondering how likely this is, especially since we are interested in 18 months or younger. Anyone have any info or direct experience with this?

My friend adopted twin boys. If you are willing to wait, anything is possible. Good luck!
My friend adopted twin boys. If you are willing to wait, anything is possible. Good luck!
We asked our agency about this (boys or girls) and were told that twins were not that common, but it did happen. However, one or both often had medical issues (apparently this is true in the US too) -- mayber due to lower birth weight? Anyway, the patients at my son's pulmonologist office here are almost all twins, so I know that breathing/lung issues must be one of the medical problems.

A family using our agency adopted twin boys. One thing to keep in mind is that a multiples are considered a high-risk pregnancy, and the standards of prenatal care aren't the same there as they are here in the states. It is possible that one or both children could have long-term medical issues. Is that something you're prepared to deal with?
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]We stated that we would accept twins...but we were willing to take on more risks and did not request only *healthy*....[/FONT]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]If you are willing to accept a *special needs situation*...or expand your age range, it would surely improve your chances...but in all honesty, in over 5 years of Russia adoption exposure...I have never come across twin boys in that age range here or anywhere else. We did travel with a couple who adopted twin girls in that age range but that was in Feb/March 2004 before many of the recent changes. [/FONT]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I would suggest speaking to agencies about your desire and consider agencies who are affiliated with many regions to increase your chances...but if that is your desire...settle in for a potentially extremely long wait. Or find an agency who would allow virtual twinning...[/FONT]
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My agencies annual story book has included families writing about their twins (boys, girls and mixed). So it does happen. I met a family on my first trip in 2003, who were picking up beautiful twin girls.
The agency we used had three adoptions last year of twins, but they said that was very unusual. One was a set of boys that were adopted at 24 months. The others were twin girls under 18 months and a boy/girl twins that were a little over 2 years old.

It is possible, but with age limitations and gender limitations it will most likely take longer. But if that is where your heart is than go for it!
There was a family in our region in May with us that was adopting twin girls. About two months prior someone from our agency adopted twin boys in the same region. I have a friend who adopted twin girls 2 years ago from a different region. Girl twins seem to be more prevalent but both do seem to be available. All of these twins were around age 2.
Twins are possible.
We requested 2 Boys, siblings, twins or non-related.
We have Twin Boys. We were told that Twins in the region we went were rare, but does happen.

Good Luck
We are asking for two children under 24 months. Our agency does allow you to adopt two non-related at same time. Twin boys would be our "dream", but we will probably get two boys a few months apart..
Since the the odds of someone having identical twins is something like 0.4%, and fraternal twins something like 1%, your chances are pretty low. However, if you're willing to wait for as long as it takes, you can probably eventually do it. Your best bet would be to ask for two boys of similar age, related or unrelated. Unrelated simultaneous adoptions are not permitted in some regions and by some agencies, so that will decrease your chances a bit. But it has been done, and twins do come along once in a while.
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