We will finalize DD's adoption on Sept. 11th. We plan to have a party with our family and friends to celebrate at a local park. I am having trouble coming up with the wording for the invitations. I have something like this "Please help us celebrate our joy in becoming DD's legal parents"
This sounds just a little too clinical for me. I also don't want people to bring gifts. Everyone was so incredibly generous when she was born. I know that it is not appropriate to put "no gifts please" on the invitations, but I don't know how else to get the point across.
Did anyone do anything similar? Do you have a better way to word the invitations?
This was our wording:
We send out post cards on the front of the card it said :
Happy Adoption Day :
Our adoption is final...
Come celebrate with us !
on the other side it said :
Adoption Day is here
Let'sCelebrate !
No gifts please
But people still brought gifts !
Good Luck
How about, Please celebrate with us as we finalize our adoption instead of please help us celebrate?
Congratulations, by the way!!!
Our invitations said " It's Official! Zachary is finally a forever (insert last name) kid! " and we used the phrase "Your presence is your present."
Our invitations said " It's Official! Zachary is finally a forever (insert last name) kid! " and we used the phrase "Your presence is your present."
I like saying something along this line. Your presence is present enough or something like that. I didn't send official invitations with either adoptioin. We did word of mouth and email! If I am blessed with a next time then I am coming back here and reading all these great ideas!
Hi... when we finally finalized our son was just over 2 years old. With the uncertainty of the adoption there were still a lot of my husbands relatives that had not met him. We wanted to have a big party. I ordered birth announcements through snapfish. It said "There's a New Sheriff in Town". Under that I put his new full name, born, home, It's Official, with the dates and then Proud Parents and our names. In the same envelope I had a flyer printed out that said at the top. "Come Celebrate our Joy" with date, time, place. I added some clip art of hotdogs, hamburgers and stuff like that. At the bottom it said "Your presence is our greatest present - no other gifts please. We had a great time. Have fun with it. Cheri
We sent out birth announcements when we brought him home that I made from a black and white photo of him. The text said: LIFE IS A BLEND OF PREDICTION AND SURPRISE. H joined our family on (date)
Later, for finalization, we made invites w/ H's handprint on them that said :
Adoption finalized (date.)
Thanks to our friends and family for all your support.
Please join us at * to celebrate.
How about something like, Today (date) is the day that we've completed our family. Please join .... Please no gifts. Having you celebrate with us is a gift in itself.