Attention Frisco Moms: Frisco Early Childhood PTA
I know in the past people have lamented about how hard it is to stop working and stay home and to know what to do with yourself all day long. I have mentioned to people to get involved in an Early Childhood PTA program because you will have people to go do outtings and adventures with, join a book club, join a playgroup, have a mom's night out, hear great speakers, and most of all make friends with others who are going through the same experience as you. The Frisco chapter begins meeting Sept. 8th at St. Francis Catholic Church. It is $25 to join for the year and well worth it! Please feel free to join us if you are in the area, or pass the word to someone you think might enjoy making some new friends for themselves and their kids!
Thanks! I won't quite be there for the meeting on the 8th, but I definitely want to join. We should be getting there around the 18th of September, so keep me posted on the next meeting.
Thanks for the info. I will do my best to make it!
Okay, so, I won't be making it, but expect to hear all about it! Happy

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