Can I become a foster parent while in the military?
I was just on here to because I have always wanted to become a foster parent since I was a child. The thing is I was wondering if since both my husband I are in the military if we would be able to become a foster parent or adopt? Also, how hard would it be to get approved since we both don't have a permenant residence?
Military Adoption Information
I don't have first hand knowledge about adopting/fostering while in the military, but since Im a civilian federal employee, I came across information when I was doing some research. I know that if you are on active duty in the military, you are eligible for reimbursement of expenses up to $2,000 for the adoption of a single child and up to $5,000 per family per year. There is one caveat: The adoption must have been arranged through a non-profit agency, whether they are infant adoptions, intercountry adoptions, or adoptions of children with special needs. I also know there have been some improved leave benefits as well ([URL=""] [/URL] Under the militarys Program for Persons with Disabilities, military parents may be eligible to receive up to $1,000 a month for disabled or special needs adopted children. The military also has a program called the Exceptional Family Member Program that will ensure that adoptive parents of special needs children are assigned to bases or duty stations that can meet the needs of the child.

As for fostering, I think you need to contact some local agencies and see if they are willing to work with you. There are no rules preventing you from becoming foster/adoptive parents just because you are military.
I don't know if there are any specific "rules" regarding the licensure of military families as foster homes. I would think, though, that since it's probably not what would be in the best interest of a foster child, you would probably have a fairly difficult time being licensed. Since the stability of the home is taken into account when licensing a family, I'm not sure they would want to license you since it's possible you could both be deployed or move around a lot.

Just my 2 cents! But I think it's great you want to foster, and wish you luck if they will let you! Smile
Typically each state has a required amount of time that you must have lived and commit to live in the area. With what is generally known about Military (moving around a lot), I would say it will be harder because both you and your spouse are active duty.
My husband is active duty. We have adopted twice, fostered, and have been TRYING to adopt again. First, if you live on base you have to have written approval from the housing office that they are ok with you having foster children in the home. Second, with both of you being active my concern would be with if both of you were deployed, sent to the field, or school at the same time. Where does that leave the foster child who has already suffered so many losses and moves? Now I know some jobs are stable and you don't deploy so I would contact your local agency's and be honest about your situation and express you interest and see what they say!!
We adopted while dh was in military
My exhusband was military and our residence was base housing, which was no problem. I would think you would need a permanent home of some sort (be it rental or miltary) but being in military is not at all a hinderance for adoption! Good luck!
I have some friends who did foster care (wound up adopting the baby) when he was active duty Navy and based in Hawaii. That was years ago, though, as the "baby" is now a teenager!
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