Shoe size for 12 month old
Anyone care to guess a shoe size for our 12 month old girl? On her last update (almost 11 months) she was 29 inches tall and about 22 lbs. She was wearing 12 month clothing.

I want to take her some shoes on our upcoming visit trip, but am a clueless first time mom. I have bought a couple pairs of 5s and a couple pairs of 6s. Does that seem right?

Thanks for the help!
Our daughter was in a 3 at a year old. Maybe some 4s.
You could take a Robeez type shoe.. They aren't size specific but rather 0-6, 6-12, 12-18 month size. They are also good if you don't know whether she has a wide or narrow foot.. Target sells a cheaper version for around $13. The 6-12 would probably fit. Our daughter was 29 1/2 in and almost 19 lbs at 12 months and was just getting into a size 3 in other type shoes...
I agree that the Robeez are your best bet, but if you want regular shoes, I would toss at least a size 4 in there too. My daughter was smaller (18.8 lbs and 27 inches) at 11 months, but she was only in a size 3. At 2.5 years old, she is still only in a size 6.5.
Size 3 or 4

Probably a size 3, just depends on the child!
Wow, thanks! I guess I guessed wrong. My stepnephew just turned 1 and is in a 7 but he is a big boy! I will take along some 3s and 4s too.
I agree with the Robeez, too. Especially, if she's just learning to walk. My daughter was in a 3 when she was 12 months. I would take a size 4, too. Keep the receipts!
Our son was a 4 when he started walking at 10 months. He was an early walker and "has a big foot". Beginner walkers are best "barefoot" so I would bring Robeez. I am 90% sure 6-12 mos would fit b/c my son fit into Robeez 6-12 until he was about 14months and he has a big foot!
If you want real shoes, buy a few, and return what does not fit if you wantSmile
My DS came home at 18 mos and was wearing size 5.
I think 3 and 4 are your best bet.
I'm guessing a size 4 will work. It's possible she's a 5, but, I would bet my paycheck she isn't a 6.

When I went for a visit trip, my son was 5.5 months, approx 16 lbs, and approx 26". I brought size 3 & size 4 shoes. Neither fit....too big. From what I've been told, he is now wearing the size 3 Elmo sneakers I brought. He is now 7 months. I figure by 12 mos he may wear a 5, but, they say boys' feet are always bigger than girls'.

I would say a size 4.
I would get something smaller than size 5-6. Our daughter was almost exactly the same size at 12 mos and wore 2-3. She is just now getting out of the 3's at 17 mos and is on the larger size-- 27 1/2 # at 15mos.
Gabriella was wearing 2s and 3s at that age. She has a very small foot.
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