Adoption in the Philippines
Hello. My wife is from the Philippines and we want to adopt a child from the the Philippines.

We have few questions:

1. We are married less than 3 years. Is it true that you need to be married 3 years before you can adopt in the Philippines?

2. Should we try the approach of a domestic adoption in the Philippines as if my wife lives there (she has a house there) and then bring the child to the USA? It seems to me that all those International agencies make the process very slow and very expensive.

Hello, you should be married at least 3 years. Try going to this site. They have the info that you need.

For a U.S. citizen interested in adopting a Filipino child while they are living in the Philippines must meet the requirements:

One of those is : You must "be resident in the Philippines for at least three years prior to the filing of the adoption petition and maintain such residence until the adoption decree is entered by a Philippine court "

This can be waived if :

A person who is married to a Filipino and who seeks to adopt jointly with his/her spouse a relative within the fourth degree of consanguinity, as defined under Philippine law.

Im from the Philippines and we are hoping to adopt my nephew. Living in there for 2-3 years is not gonna work for us so we are going for the inter-country adoption.

Good luck !
Let me clarify: I do not reside in the Philippines. We both live in the USA.

I just thought the my wife who's a Philippina could adopt locally in the Philippines with less beauracracy, time and money. How would they know she resides in the USA?

Couldn't you do the same? Why do you have to go via the complicated inter-country system if you a Philippio citizen?

INS has a way of knowing if your wife resides in the US or not believe me, they are very good at that . They know when/if she leaves the US. She will have to show her latest income tax return, police clearance and other documents as requirements for the adoption. You will have to attend the pre-adoption seminar, home study, etc.

Im sorry I think I gave you an incomplete website so try this one more time , I hope it works [url=]Intercountry Adoption Philippines[/url]

Per the website if you are married you must file jointly. I dont know though if the wife could stay in the Philippines until the adoption is final while the hubby is in the US. This is one of the reasons why we couldnt do the same as we have other responsibilities here in the US and we definitely would not live separately.

These are just my personal opinions and tiring research . Try to contact a Phillipine attorney or any accredited adoption agency on the website for their professional advice. Keep me posted as I would want to know what they have to say . I tried contacting some of them but no luck ! We havent signed up with any agency yet, we ourselves are still learning the ropes, getting as much information as we could and then proceed with the process.
hi..i am frances from the philippines, and i am currently 6 months pregnant. i am looking for possible foster family for my unborn child.. anyone who might be interested can contact me here.
Just wondering what kind of progress you all are making in the philippines... we are potentially interested, my husband is philippino. shoot me a note!
Just wanted to wish you all luck with your adoptions and add a picture of our beautiful daughter. We adopted her through private domestic adoption at birth but her birth father is Filipino!
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