My birth certificate shows I was born at S.A Booth in Chicago IL I am a black male born 01/05/70 name on birth certificate is Jacob. I am looking for my biological family.
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Have you contacted The Salvation Army? Records for St. Paul, MN are located at the Salvation Army National Archives office.
Call (703) 684-5529.
Looking for my half-sister born 2/3/57 or 56? at Booth Memorial in Saint Paul MN.
Hi Paris,
Contact The Salvation Army Western Territory, Booth Records Services at 1-800-698-7728. We hold record for Oakland, CA Booth Memorial.
Baby Girl Born May 23, 1968 Mothers maiden name possible Warren or Darden @ Oakland, CA Memorial Booth Center Hospital for unwed mothers. Possible father Ronald Galusha looking for my little sister. We were connected through 23andMe that we have the same bio dad but now looking for her mom.