I'm 24, almost 25, a teacher and have just started considering adopting as a single woman. I am wondering if anyone else out there is in the same boat as me? People keep telling me I am crazy, that I should try to find a man first, or that I should try to have a birth child before I consider adoption, but to me I don't see it as my last choice at all.
Am I the only one? I sure hope not. :-)
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Hi everyone. I'm Natasha and I am 24 (25 in April). I would like to adopt internationally from Ethiopia when I am either 26 or 27.
Welcome Natasha! I became a foster/adopt parent when I was 27 and it was the perfect age for me. I was settled in my career, open to new experiences, on my way to being financially secure and so excited to be a mother. Hope it all works out well for you. In the meantime, you should get lots of good information on these boards.
I'm 25 and also a teacher. I teach English in South Korea and really enjoy it here. I'm thinking about adopting at some point, but right now I'm just researching the possibility and looking for information.
hey hey, your are not the only one. I am a US resident and 24 and I want to adopt as well. I sure about it, I just hope that it wont be too hard to have a job and kids in America. I am German and it is a lot easier here to have both as a single parent. Where do you live? If you want to talk, email me. I dont have a man, but I would like to get one. But so far I havent found anyone with the same interest... (pets, adoption...) It is just a hard to find a man willing to adopt kids.
how are you guys handling child care and a job... I mean what if the kid gets sick or their is a teacher conference at school or so... and if you work longer hours then the kid is in school. I really want to adopt but I need to know the answers to those questions beforehand.
I love that you are fostering so many kids. But do you work next to it? Or how do you get by? Is it like job that pays?
"nd I started the foster to adopt process an should be fully licensed no later than March."
How exactly does that work? If you want to adopt you have to foster a child first? Is there like a waiting period whte the kid lives with you for a year or so and then will be adopted?
I'm 25 and plan to adopt bio sibs (group of 2) internationally, but I do not plan on applying for another year. I would adopt from Ethiopia where the process is another year and will be 27 most likely before I actually have the children)
I am 28 and hoping to adopt from foster care as a single parent. I had originally planned on waiting until I'm 30 to begin the process, but there's a girl I know from working with her at a previous job who is currently up for adoption. Though I realize there's a possibility I will not get matched with her, I still feel that I am ready to adopt, regardless of whether it is her or a different child.
hey thanx for ur replies? where do u guys live? I am in S.D. and would like to meet with some people who have similar interest.
I started seriously researching international adoption when I was about to turn 29. Now at 30 I have signed with an agency for an international adoption and am in the process of completing my homestudy.
I'm a 25 year old single woman who is still in the "thinking" stage. I'm leaning toward international adoption from Russia, Ethiopia or Kazakhstan because the the quick wait time and the flexible rules. Domestic infant adoption is also a possibily because I could get a newborn. Foster care is in my head too because of the cost and the need. I JUST CAN'T CHOOSE! lol
Hi, I am 26 and have been researching adoption (kafala, like lifelong fostering) here in Morocco because I know I want to do it for sure. I am struggling though to accept that I can do it, is there a chat or discussion board/group I can join to vent or bounce ideas off others thinking of the same thing? I just need one person that does not try to convince me of how stupid I am being or that I have my whole life to find a husband, a man is just not a priority for me at all, if it happens it happens. A child however, I want now.