I just had to laugh when I saw this forum. I just want to tell you all that I think 35 is a great age - I turned 35 this year,and while I would've said that 35 "was old " 5 or 6 years ago- it really isn't.
why do I think that?? well I had my first child at age 19,and 3 more by the time I was 29.... all my high school friends still don't have kids in their 30's....
so I have that group of friends... I also have a group of friends in our homeschooling circle.. many have 7-9 kids in their families,and many of the moms are stilll having kids at age 45. To them I am VERY YOUNG!!! lol
SO just wanted to give you all a new perspective!
I remember when I was about to turn 30 (I'm 40 now), my mom took me to her favorite swanky dept store and marched me up to the cosmetics counter where she demanded wrinkle cream...for me. She leaned over and said, "You should have this, now that you're about to be (whisper) thirty!"
I laughed and told my mom I was proud to be 30, she didn't need to whisper! She gave me the hairy eyeball and said, "I wasn't whispering for YOUR sake...these people don't know I have children that old!"
Because I was her youngest, and 13 years younger than my brother, that had me rolling in the floor. It still cracks me up!
Poor Mama...she passed away very suddenly in 2004, or else I am sure for my 40th birthday I'd have been treated to Botox!
No, 35 isn't old at all! But you're right...the closer and closer you get to that age, you realize more and more that it isn't old. I realized it when I started dating my current boyfriend (who is 32 and I am 23 years old). When people first hear that, they think - wow....what a HUGE difference in age, but it's really not! He also has a 12 year old son. That was a little awkward at first for me, but now it's not.
Plus, my mom had me when she was 30 years old (and my dad was almost 20 years older than her - he was 46), so I definitely don't think that 35 is old! :)
OurHand, my Dh is 9 years older than I. We married when he was 32 and I was 23. :)
I was a bit of a surprise to find out after a few dates that he was in his 30's, and he was equally surprised to find out I was as young as I was. :gnome: No one notices, really...he has always looked younger than his age, and I've always looked older than mine. This was ok when I was in my 20's, but not so great now that I'm (clearing throat noisily) older! LOL And actually, I think having young kids leads people to think that we are younger, too. :evilgrin: There is a benefit to all those diapers after all! LOL
I'm turning 35 this year and all I've been hearing about is how all my high school friends have 2,3 even 5 kids and I still have none.
I can't help but think I better get it in gear!
I was feeling old as I turned 44 in September. But on October 27 with the birth of our new daughter I feel like I am back in my 30's again! I think hanging out with a 24 year old birthmom for weeks in Texas and learning to text on my phone made me young again.
Yes, 35 is not too old to give the birth.Even though this is good age to have a child.You could easily care your baby in this age because you are matured enough.
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You're right about 35 not being old, but I have to say that for me, starting parenthood at 35 was about the cut off. I just want to be a decent age when they are graduating from school and getting started in their adult lives.
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My hubby and I just adopted our first. I will be 40 in March and he just turned 46. I LOVE it! All of our friends that have kids similar in age are in their 20s and I am so much smarter!! Hehehehe! Also, having a "mid-life" baby makes me feel so much younger. Many of my friends have commented that since our little man came along, we both look so much younger and happier! Lovin' life at 40!
I turn 38 New Years Eve, my guys are 3 and 5. Some days I feel so tired and ANCIENT! Like when I am in tumble class or swim class and the other moms are 20 somethings who still go out. Then I see the people I went to high school with and they are becoming GRANDPARENTS! Yikes! Other times I still crawl through the playlands, think I don't look too bad in a bathing suit at Great Wolf and feel grateful I look younger than I am. For me 35 was my cutoff. I wanted to be able to retire and have college tuition behind me, be hip enough to all the crazy things my children might do and energetic enough to keep up with them. Most days I succeed, others . . .
35.....hum trying to remember. I am 54 and hubby is 52 and we are building a family together. We are praying for a sibling group 6-12. I think if your healthy and God placed this burden on you for children then follow His path and have a quiver full!
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Thats a good piece of advice... makes one feel better!!!!
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In my 20s i used to think people in 30s are old but now that im actually 32 myself.. I don't think they are old at all. I feel perfectly fine and energetic the way i used to when i was in my 20s.