When we were waiting to adopt our second son, I knew that I wanted to name him Allan, after my dad! I asked my husband to think of a middle name, but he couldn't think of anything. I thought of a church leader who had recently passed away, whom I had always admired greatly, and decided that his first name, Spencer, would make a nice middle name. I initially said that the new babies name would be Allan Spencer Starr. Then, fortunately, it dawned on me that that would give my son the initials A.S.S! I didn't think my son would want to be calling himself that, whenever he needed to write his initials, so his name became Allan KIMBALL Starr, instead!
On a more serious note, I think it is very important to try to consider how the name you choose will affect the child throughout his/her life.
Before I was married, my initials were LMP. I learned in nursing school, that stood for last menstrual period. :rolleyes: Honestly, I found that very funny. I didn't even know my initials stood for something until I was 20 and it wasn't a big deal. But I have to say, I'm glad my parents didn't consider what my initials would stand for~I loved my name then and I love my married name now.
At one job I had, we all had to write our three intitials on sales slips. One woman was RAT and another was GAG.
When we were getting ready to finalize adoption of our 10 year old fd we talked about changing her name, she really liked the name Ella, but wasn't so sure about changing her first name, and I liked her middle name as it is the same as my sisters. we came up with the idea of adding Ella after her first name.... till we realized it would make her initials TEMP..... and we were adopting her so that she wouldn't be that!
noelani, we met our daughter 1/4/06, she moved in 2/17/06 and we finalized her adoption 12/1/06. Yes, this was a fast one. Her tpr was finalized long before we met her. In fact just about everything was done ahead of time because her grandmother was going to adopt her. But after stalling around for over 2 years she said no, she wouldn't. We do still have an open relationship with grandmother, and one of her biological sisters (the one that grandmother did adopt). This is off subject, but i have to tell you... she did want to change her name to Ella Enchanted at first. We ended up not changing her name at all though, and that is fine too.
There's an interesting piece on the influence of children's names on [url=]Can a name affect your childs future?[/url]
Its great that you caught that combination in time!
When I got married, my initials became MF........ Not nice!!
I sometimes throw in my confirmation name (I don't have a given middle name) just to not be MF.... With it I am MPF. Much better!
I am hoping my youngest adopted daughter won't have issues with her initials when she is older - they are J.E.W. I realized this when I named her, and even though we're not Jewish, I didn't necessarily see it as a bad thing because I don't think it's bad to be such. So hopefully she agrees when she's older... but I really really really was set on using the names I picked for her (Jessie Eowyn W.) so I took the risk!
;~) Kelly
Reviving this thread because it's so interesting!
First, to Schmenna = I was born 'BS' and married to become 'Bowl.Movement.' = I have always used my middle initial in my signature ... I'm sure your mom endured some teasing cause I know I sure did before I added the middle initial to my monogram!
I ALWAYS consider initials in names, but I didn't really clue into my grandma's until I inherited her monogrammed suitcase after she passed away = 'FAB' which is kind of cool! but I thought then about her maiden name - 'FAT'
Poor grandma!!!
Our nephew and his wife, to whom we are very close, have recently discovered that they are expecting - she shares my compulsiveness about names! Her family has a tradition where the first born girl is given the mother's first name as the middle name. Middle initial would be 'A', last name is 'W'. Limits some name choices.
Lucky nephew was given 'BMW', that's a good set of initials.
I love names. I need to investigate where I can get some input on choices for this baby - nephew's wife and I really kind of like one! but it's a little wild ... I'll get some opinions from all of you once I find the right place to post ...
I did consider initials and still ended up naming my son Benjamin Morris, his initials are BS or BMS. I hope he doesn't hate me some day. As I was trying to decide if it was okay, I spoke to 2 people at work with initials BS and thought that was a sign it was okay!
My initials are LBS, I never had a problem with it. My brother's are MES- we always made jokes about him being a mess.
I've also known a "BMW" ...except his mom gave him a first name that would have no "nickname" so people wanted to call him Beamer...she said no.
With my madian name I was "ALL" and my sister was "EVL"
We've both married into much less exciting initals :)
My initials are TAMB, yes, I have 4 names Tristin Amanda Marie B. My brother is JMCB, my sis is AALB and I named my son Justyc (Justice) Christopher Chass his are JCCB, I looked really hard to keep from spelling anything with his initials
Just found this and had to add mine. My parents named me Gloria Aileen Y. Not such a bad thing when they named me in 1976, but definitely bad when my high school classmates figured out it spelled GAY. When I got married, I hyphenated my last name-for lots of reasons, but one was because I would have gone from GAY to GAG-not any better! This way I'm GAYG.
When we adopted our first child we had already decided her middle name would be Elizabeth but we wanted her to have the same first initial as her bio brother, K. S we decided on a K name. When we sat down and wrote it out we realized that her initials spelled. KEG. She never would have made it through college with a name like that.
My poor daughter has to live with the initials VD. Her dad and I decided while I was in labor at the last minute to name her after our moms. My moms first name and his moms middle. I should have stuck with the one we originally had picked out. She has managed to survive 22 years now.
I just saw this thread. I actually did think about initials when I named him, because I knew an LSD in high school and that made me aware of the initial thing a long time ago.