Hello everyone! How awesome that they started a forum for each state! I'll lead off for Delaware by saying we adopted one child from Kazakhstan and are in the process of adopting again. Would love to hear from other Delawareans about their experience with adoption.
Anyone else out there from this lil' state?
We researched countries and the adoption process in general from Dec-Feb. This month finds us committed to Ethiopia and trying to decide on an agency.
Any recommendations on a local homestudy agency that specializes in writing international adoption homestudies?
We found that the library in our town (Milford) has a monthly adoption support group meeting. We just missed it and have to wait until March.
Let's get this board rollin'! No lurkers allowed here cuz we need every one from this small state.:banana:
Hi all. I just found the state forums.
Jenn, I imagine you found a homestudy agency, but if not feel free to PM me -- we had a great experience with ours.
We have an almost 4 y.o. bio son and are hoping to adopt 1-2 children from Poland. We started the process last April, our dossier was accepted in October and are just trying to patiently wait for a referral right now.