Hi, I am a native of the springs but moved to Pueblo. I am in the last few stages of having my daughter home from Guatemala. Hope to have her home soon! :love:
Hey Brenda!
I'm originally from Pueblo but live up north now. :) But I have friends who live in Pueblo who have a son who was born in Guatemala. He's around 2 years old now, I think. Time flies!
Anyway just thought I'd say "hi"!
Hi Kim & Brenda,
Rae-Chel and I are in the Springs - actually closer to Monument. WOW is it cold today.
We are adopting a little boy and a little girl from Guatemala. We hope to have them both home soon too.
Nice to 'meet' you - Keep warm!!
Who knew there were so many Guat families in Southern CO on the forums! Very cool.
YES, it is FREEZING here today. So cold the snow is "squeaking"!
Tom, I hope your little ones are home soon! We adopted our youngest daughter and son from Guatemala at relatively the same time. Our son came home 3 months after our daughter.
Just a question out of sheer curiosity from your fellow Coloradoan...Can somebody tell me what PGN is?
(I adopted here in the US, so I don't know much about the international stuff)
Hi Boulderbabe -
There are a ton of terms we all get to learn (or in this case dread). PGN can be a place where your adoption case is hung up in red tape for a while.
PGN is "Procuraduria General de la Nacion." Cody (aka The Moose) does an awesome job of explaining it on his blog: [url=]Guatemala Adoption Blog - PGN - Procuraduría General de la Nación[/url]. Here is a small excerpt that he got from the [URL=""]US Department of State[/URL]:[INDENT]The PGN scrutinizes the adoption case for signs of fraud or irregularities before providing its approval of the adoption. Upon receiving PGN approval, the adoptive parents in the U.S. are legally responsible for their child(ren). The attorney obtains final approval from the Guatemalan birth mother and then requests a birth certificate listing the adoptive parents as the parents of the adopted child.
[/INDENT]Hope that helps.
Kim - you're not kidding. Still Freezing today with squeaky crunchy snow. I'm definitely ready for some warmer weather - which of course will make everything VERY sloppy :rolleyes:
I haven't seen anyone whose brought home two children that closely - like we will probably do. How far apart in age are they? Did you guys have any major challenges associated to the close arrival dates?
Take care everyone.
Hi Everyone,
Just wondering if everyone else is enjoying this Frigid weather? Come on Summer!! ;)
I'm definitely up for something a little warmer. You know it's been cold when 30 degrees feels warm. The kids wanted to play outside in the snow without coats today!!! :)
Tom: Our two Guatemalan born children are 6 weeks apart in age. Londy turned three on Dec 21st and Jeremy will be three on Feb 5th. As hard as it was at the time, bringing Londy home and having those three months to adjust before bringing Jeremy home was a blessing in disguise I think. Jeremy had some developmental issues that required a lot of physical therapy in the beginning so he and I were at lots of appointments. It was good to have already formed an attatchment with Londy at that point.
Other challenges were just logistical really. Things that any parent of two little ones the same age faces I think. How to juggle two car seats and how to get two nonwalkers into a grocery store/resteraunt, ect... It was pretty labor intensive the first year and a half, but things are much easier now (minus the potty training with Jeremy!). They are the best of friends. Watching them play together gives me so much joy!
Keep us updated! It will be great to hear your little ones are on their way!
Hi all,
I don't currently live in Colorado, but I was born in Co Springs. Most here sound like a-moms, but I'm a b-mom. I think it's great that some of you have either adopted or are in the process of adopting. Kudos to the a-moms!!
Hello, everyone! I know this thread is old, but I just found it, and I wanted to say hello. My husband and I live in Fountain, and we are in the process of adopting a baby boy from Guatemala. Hopefully we can all meet up sometime!
18 Nov 06 - I-600A fingerprints completed
15 Dec 06 - Home study
11 Jan 07 - Carlos is born!
14 Feb 07 - I-171H approval
14 Feb 07 - Received referral
15 Feb 07 - Accepted referral
16 Feb 07 - Dossier handcarried to Guatemala by agency director
Feb-Mar 07 - Family court
04 May 07 - DNA taken
11 May 07 - Its a match! 99.94%
14 May 07 - DNA results received by U.S. Embassy in Guatemala City
19 May 07 - DNA results received by us
15 Jun 07 - Waiting on pre-approval҅.